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Why VPR Alum Stassi’s Hurt By Skepticism Over Her Bestseller Claims

Stassi Schroeder is clapping back at Vanderpump Rules fans who believe the show alum made shady moves to secure another bestselling book.

Stassi Schroeder is hurt that Vanderpump Rules fans think she did something dubious to land another bestselling book. The axed show star was recently under fire from fans who questioned the validity of her second book landing on the New York Times bestsellers list. With Stassi’s book having a mini dagger symbol next to it, onlookers knew it mean bulk orders were made. Many were quick to call her out over assumptions that the show OG fabricated her book’s performance.

Stassi’s Off with My Head: The Definitive Basic B*tch Handbook to Surviving Rock Bottom was her shot at redemption after being fired from Bravo in 2020. The full title indicated that Stassi would share how she “Survived Rock Bottom.” Upon release of the book, many shamed the reality star for aiming to regain sympathy in her favor instead of taking more accountability for the past racially insensitive actions that got her fired. Faith Stowers issued a subtle message calling out the “white privilege” Stassi seemingly possessed in being able to release a book that landed on the bestseller’s list despite all the race-centered remarks and actions she made in the past. However, fans were quick to question whether Stassi really sold so many books in just one week after noticing the dagger symbol next to her book title on the NYT bestsellers list.


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After weeks of allowing critics to downplay her bestseller nod, Stassi took to The Good, the Bad, and the Baby podcast to address the speculation. “I’m being made fun of because I can’t afford a 200-person wedding, but I can afford to buy thousands of books?” Stassi sarcastically asked her podcast listeners, as captured by All About The Tea. The reference to her downsized wedding guest list came after she faced criticism for disinviting over 150 people from her wedding when she realized Bravo wasn’t going to foot the bill for what would’ve been her televised nuptials had she not been fired. When Stassi noticed people questioning her bestseller claims, she said, “I called my publishers immediately and I”m like, ‘What the f*ck is this? Why are people saying this?’”

Vanderpump Rules Stassi Schroeder

The former Vanderpump Rules celeb admitted that her publishers told her the NYT adds the dagger to books that received bulk order purchases. “They’re not saying that you bought your way onto it. It’s like, someone could have,” she explained. The Next Level Basic author explained how her book release event is what led to the bulk orders. “We only expected to have 200 people. We had I think 900,” Stassi said. With each attendee purchasing a copy of her second book, her publishers had to put in orders for more copies – hence the bulk order claims. In addition to the other book signings Stassi hosted, she managed to sell a lot of copies of her book on her own. “You have to buy a bunch of f*cking books in order to have book signings, and I had a thousand people come to one of mine in Illinois,” she quipped.

The former Vanderpump Rules star shared her disappointment after working so hard on the book only to have so many people discredit her bestseller nod. It’s Stassi’s second bestselling book – something she’s proud of. Having fans downplay her rightful position on the NYT bestseller list is not something Stassi would stand for. She was always one of the more outspoken cast members on the show prior to her termination. After getting canceled two years ago and “surviving rock bottom,” Stassi is showing she’s still the same girl people love to hate.

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Source: All About The Tea

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