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Every High Isle Volcanic Vent Location

Volcanic Vents are the new, exclusive World Event in The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle. There are seven total, and one active at a time.

Volcanic Vents are new World Events exclusive to The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle, and there are seven such locations across High Isle and Amenos Island. Volcanic Vents are large areas with rising magma and lava that spawn waves of fire-based monsters like Imps, Flame Atronachs, and Vulk’esh. The waves of enemies end with the powerful final boss, usually a Fire Behemoth or similar creature, with two million HP or higher. Because of this, it is not usually possible to tackle an Elder Scrolls Online Volcanic Vent as a solo player, and players should plan to go with at least a companion, if not a full party.


On the Elder Scrolls Online map, Volcanic Vents appear as a whirlwind symbol. Part of the lore and story of The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle includes working with some Stonelord druids to determine why the Volcanic Vents are opening in the first place and close them. If a Volcanic Vent is active, it will be pulsing and have crossed swords behind it. Before traveling to an active Volcanic Vent, players should try to improve their flame resistance, get together with a group of players, and make sure they’ve recruited and can call upon at least one of the two new Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle companions. This will give them the best chance of survival.

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Volcanic Vents work like most other World Events in other areas of Elder Scrolls Online, so veteran players should have some idea of what they can expect. For defeating all enemies and the final boss of a Volcanic Vent, players will be rewarded with loot, this time called a Volcanic Cache. This cache is usually full of loot that can include exceptionally rare Elder Scrolls Online crafting materials and jewelry from one of the High Isle sets, which along with quest completion should make the challenge more than worth taking on.

Find Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle Volcanic Vents Using the Whirl Symbol

Elder Scrolls Online High Isle Volcanic Vent locations map

The map above shows the location of every Volcanic Vent in The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle. A more detailed description of each appears below, starting from Gonfalon Bay.

  • Volcanic Vent 1: Southwest of Gonfalon Bay on the southern coast of High Isle.
  • Volcanic Vent 2: Northeast of the Castle Navire Wayshrine in the southwest region of the island, next to the Firepot.
  • Volcanic Vent 3: Northwest of the Garick’s Rest Wayshrine and northeast of Garick’s Rest.
  • Volcanic Vent 4: On the eastern side of the islet due northwest of Tor Draiocht.
  • Volcanic Vent 5: On Amenos, just south of the Serpents Hollow Wayshrine.
  • Volcanic Vent 6: On Amenos, southeast of the Flooded Coast Wayshrine, next to Green Serpent Getaway.
  • Volcanic Vent 7: On Amenos, near the southeastern corner of the island, just southwest of the Ghost Haven Bay public dungeon.

Once players visit each of the above locations in The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle, they will see the Volcanic Vent symbols marked on their Elder Scrolls Online map for faster access.

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The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle is available now for PC and Mac and launches June 21 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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