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15 Most Powerful Enchanted Hammer Users (Who Aren’t Thor)

Made of the nearly indestructible Asgardian metal Uru, Mjolnir is the signature weapon of the mighty Avenger, Thor. A hammer that can only be wielded by a select few, it has the ability to imbue the powers of the God Of Thunder upon any who are worthy enough to lift it.

But Thor Odinson isn’t the only enchanted hammer user in Marvel Comics. There are actually quite a few Marvel characters equipped with enchanted hammers of their own, as well as a handful who have been worthy enough to lift Mjolnir itself.

Updated on June 13th, 2022 by George Chrysostomou: Thor: Love And Thunder will see the Asgardian god return to the screen and Jane Foster pick up Jonathon… Mjolnir for the first time in the MCU. But plenty of other characters have also wielded their own mighty hammers, some of which have been featured already on screen! 



Odin in Marvel Comics

Odin is the Asgardian All-Father and the man that gifted Mjolnir to Thor. It’s not surprising therefore that it was revealed that Odin was wielding the mystical hammer centuries before the God of Thunder was even born, as part of a prehistoric Avengers unit.

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Odin has been one of the few worthy enough to wield Mjolnir and has shown the hammer the blood and guts of battle. While Thor wielded the Asgardian weapon as a hero, Odin used it as a warmonger yet still a protector. There have been a few recent incidences in the comics where Odin has proven he is no longer worthy of the weapon.


Throgg in Marvel Comics

There are countless alternative versions of Thor across the Multiverse and even Earth-616. However, no one would have expected Throg to be among the most powerful. Simon Walterson may seem small in stature, but he is as mighty as any of the Asgardians.

He wields his own tiny version of Mjolnir into battle, which has been titled Frogjolnir and constructed from a small sliver of the original weapon. The character is even part of the Pet Avengers and has saved reality on more than one occasion, much to the surprise of Earth’s mightiest.


Bor in Marvel Comics

Bor is the father of Odin and grandfather of Thor. He was fighting in the trenches of war before Odin could walk. The character is one of the few others within the Norse family capable of picking up Mjolnir and has used the weapon on a few occasions himself.

Although the beastly warrior is more than comfortable fighting with his blades, the magical hammer certainly suits the previous All-Father. Bor is so powerful that he is considered among the gods who actually created the universe itself, a claim that even the god of thunder can’t make.


Loki with Mjolnir in Marvel Comics.

It may seem unusual to picture Loki with a magical hammer of his own, but there are countless narratives that see the trickster either wield Mjolnir itself or be gifted a like-minded weapon from across the Multiverse. After all, there have to be some worthy Lokis out there!

Loki isn’t a warrior in the same way as Thor but he certainly takes advantage of the magical hammer’s abilities, combining it with his own witchcraft. It’s plausible that one day Loki will wield the main Mjolnir once more, perhaps taking up Thor’s mantle; but only if he can continue to stay on the virtuous path.


Hepaestus in Marvel Comics

A member of the Olympians, the Greek god of blacksmiths and the forge, Hephaestus, has been known to work with his hammer in his field of expertise. He can create incredible armors and weapons, but his tools are mystical in their own nature. He wields those in his work the same way he utilizes them in battle.

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The pantheon that sits atop Mount Olympus is all-powerful and has an incredibly influential place within human history. Hephaestus is just as vital a figure and when he goes to war, hammer by his side, there’s might to him that could perhaps even see the unlikely hero best the god of thunder.


Tarene was an alien being whose homeworld was destroyed by Thanos. After teaming up with Thor in order to gain revenge upon the villain, she adopted Asgard as her new home and took on the form of one of the immortal Norse Gods as Thor Girl.

Gifted an un-named enchanted hammer by Odin, Tarene was imbued with the same storm summoning powers as Thor himself, though her relative inexperience made her significantly less effective while wielding the weapon. After the Super Hero Civil War, Thor Girl joined the 50 State Initiative, serving on Georgia’s team, The Cavalry.


Slavic Thunder God Perun smites The Hulk.

The Slavic God Of Thunder, Perun is effectively Thor’s counterpart in Russia’s pantheon of ancient gods. Perun and Thor share many parallels beyond both being hammer-wielding Thunder Gods, however, such as when he was bonded to the mortal Valeri Soyloyev, who transformed into the Slavic diety with the aid of an enchanted amulet, similar to when Donald Blake once shared his body with Thor Odinson.

Though he has made his presence much less felt in the modern era, Perun was briefly recruited into The Winter Guard, Russia’s Avengers equivalent, where he fought alongside Soviet super-soldier Red Guardian as the team’s analog to the more well-known Norse hero.


The X-Man Storm summons the Asgardian hammer Stormcaster.

Shortly after losing her powers, X-Men leader Storm was approached by the Asgardian God Of Mischief, Loki, in the acclaimed “Asgardian Wars” crossover. Taking place between New Mutants Special Edition #1 and X-Men Annual #9 (1985), Loki offered to return Storm’s abilities to control the weather, forging a new hammer similar in power to Mjolnir, and aptly named “Stormcaster.”

When Storm lifted this new weapon, she was empowered by its Asgardian energies and transformed into a “goddess of thunder” with powers similar to Thor. Unfortunately, Loki had also enchanted this hammer to cloud Storm’s mind, turning her against her teammates. While she was eventually able to resist Loki’s thrall and reject the weapon, Storm has subsequently summoned Stormcaster on a couple of other occasions under very specific circumstances.

Eric Masterson

Eric Masterson as Thor

Eric Masterson befriended the original Thor during the latter’s time disguised as construction worker Sigurd Jarlson. When he discovered the Thunder God’s true identity, Eric became an unexpected ally, but his proximity to the Asgardian frequently brought him into dangerous predicaments. When he was gravely injured as a result, Masterson’s life was spared by Odin, who bonded his mortal form to Thor’s, forcing the two to share a body. Simultaneously navigating a divorce and custody battle, Masterson’s life was complicated by this new reality, and even more so when Thor was later exiled by Odin, leaving Eric in sole possession of his powers.

Although the constant juggling of his mortal and godly responsibilities negatively impacted Masterson’s personal life, he performed admirably in the role because, in his own words, “The world still needs heroes.” When the original returned to reclaim his hammer and identity, Masterson was rewarded for his tenure with an enchanted Uru mace, inscribed upon with his own aforementioned words of wisdom.


The Thor clone Ragnarok swings his artificial version of Mjolnir.

When Marvel’s superhero community was divided during the Civil War event, Iron Man created a clone of Thor, enhanced with Stark Industries technology to serve as the secret weapon of the pro-registration forces. Possessing fragments of the powers and memories of the original, this Asgardian Frankenstein’s Monster was further enhanced with a mechanical hammer, designed to mimic the lightning summoning powers of the real Mjolnir.

While the Thor clone, codenamed Ragnarok, was initially assumed to be the original returned from a lengthy absence, it quickly became apparent that this was not the case. After being unleashed upon the battlefield, Ragnarok immediately killed the anti-registration hero Goliath, before being shut down by Stark when he was realized that he was beyond control.

The Worthy

Cul, The Serpent's heralds, the magic hammer imbued characters, The Worthy.

Heralding the return of Odin’s long-forgotten brother Cul, God Of Fear, The Worthy were a collection of Marvel characters, each granted world-breaking powers from their own darkly enchanted Asgardian hammers. Including amongst their ranks heavy-hitters such as The Hulk, Thing, and Juggernaut, each of The Worthy had their strength further enhanced while wielding these weapons.

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Each additionally found themselves consumed by the will of Cul, who sought to sow fear amongst the world’s population, which he could feed upon to increase his own strength. While The Worthy and Cul were eventually defeated, and the hammer bearers freed from their enchantment, the guilt of their actions would have lasting repercussions upon many of the subjugated heroes.


Volstagg The Voluminous is a legendary Asgardian hero who has been a frequent ally to Thor since ancient times. As a member of The Warriors Three, Volstagg’s most known weapon in combat is Brandrheid Undrsigr, a dwarven-forged longsword. However, on one occasion, while seeking retribution for the slaying of a group of elven children whom he failed to protect, Volstagg sought a new weapon. Obtaining the Mjolnir formerly belonging to the variant Thor of Marvel’s now-defunct Ultimate Comics, Volstagg was transformed into War Thor.

Consumed by his rage and quest for revenge, Volstagg attempted to use the powers of Thor to flood the fire realm Muspelheim. He was prevented from committing this act of genocide when the newest Thor intervened, battling him to a standstill with the original Mjolnir, before convincing him to stand down when she revealed to him her true identity.

Beta Ray Bill

Beta Ray Bill

When the fire giant Surtur destroyed the homeworld of the alien Korbonites, Beta Ray Bill was selected to chaperone his surviving people in search of a new home. Leading the refugees from his space shuttle, Skuttlebutt, Bill eventually encountered Thor; a battle ensuing from their subsequent miscommunication.

When Thor was separated from Mjolnir in combat, Bill picked it up, revealing himself as one of the few worthy enough to lift it. After sparing Thor Odinson’s life, despite wielding the power to slay him, Bill was rewarded by Odin with a hammer of his own. Wielding Stormbreaker, Beta Ray Bill possesses abilities equal to those of Thor, which he has used to become a friend and frequent ally of the original.

Jane Foster

When the original Thor was deemed “unworthy,” his enchanted hammer sought out a new host to harness its power. When it eventually came into the possession of Thor’s longtime ally and occasional love interest Jane Foster, she was transformed into the newest version of the Thunder God. Imbued with the original’s godly abilities, Jane effortlessly took to her new role, aided by her years of watching the Odinson in action.

Quickly becoming one of Marvel’s most successful legacy heroes, Jane, unbeknownst to most, was also secretly dying of cancer; her mortal form only finding reprieve during her stints as an immortal hero. When she finally succumbed to the disease, Jane’s tenure as a hero of Asgard allowed her passage into Valhalla, and she was subsequently resurrected as an immortal member of the Valkyrie.


Cul Borson the Serpent from Fear Itself and Thor

Also known as “The Serpent,” Cul is the Asgardian God Of Fear and the older brother of Odin, King of Asgard, himself the father of Thor. Banished to a forgotten realm and stricken from Asgard’s history after an attempt to usurp the throne that would have otherwise been his regardless, Cul eventually returned during the Fear Itself event, imbuing eight mystical hammers upon Marvel characters chosen to serve as his heralds, The Worthy.

Possessing abilities comparable to Odin himself, Cul’s primary weapon is his own darkly enchanted Uru hammer, with which he is able to siphon the energies generated by the fear of others, increasing his own strength and vitality. While Cul and his Worthy were eventually defeated, it required the empowering of a collective of Marvel’s greatest heroes with Asgardian powers of their own.

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