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Ella Johnson’s Weight Loss Journey In Photos

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star Ella Johnson is earning praise for her makeover after weight loss, and her before-and-after photos stun fans.

Fans have been impressed by 90 Day Fiancé star Ella Johnson’s weight loss transformation in her new photos and can’t help but think how great she looks after slimming down. Ella was introduced on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 5 when she was 29-years-old and in a relationship with Johnny Chao, a 34-year-old from China. Ella wanted her ideal man to be an exact blueprint of her favorite anime crush, who has a fox demon inside him. While Johnny may have not been a Samurai, Ella felt like she’d hit the jackpot upon meeting him.

As per Ella, Johnny was an Chinese man with a Western culture obsession who also loved anime. They’d been talking every day for one and a half months and had officially become girlfriend and boyfriend six months before Ella and Johnny became a part of 90 Day Fiancé. But Ella ended up cheating on Johnny with a friend she’d called over, as she claimed she was unable to keep waiting forever and yearned for physical contact. Despite Ella cheating on him, Johnny decided to keep dating her during the Tell-All. Johnny was supposed to meet Ella in February, but it doesn’t look like it’s happened.


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Both Ella and Johnny currently star in 90 Day Diaries and fans are expecting to get more answers about their almost-over relationship from the spin-off. Both Ella and Johnny insisted they’d agreed to be in an open relationship, so what she did can’t technically be counted as cheating. The 90 Day Fiancé star losing weight could mean that she’s still trying to impress Johnny because it’s important for her to look good for him. Going to the gym was hard for Ella. She felt herself getting anxious and imagining that everyone is watching her when she works out. But Ella did want Johnny to appreciate what she was doing to look best for him.

Ella Talks About Her Weight Loss Struggles

Ella Johnson Weight Loss Instagram Before and After Johnny In 90 Day Fiance 3

During her 90 Day Fiancé introduction, Ella confessed how she always gravitated towards fantasy to escape her real life. Ella struggled with being overweight ever since she was in kindergarten. Growing up she didn’t feel like she was different, but other people, like her classmates, made her feel unwanted. Ella did not date in high school but ended up being in relationships later where she didn’t get treated any better. Ella’s Asian prince Johnny seemed to have accepted her for the way she is. Ella recalled Johnny telling her, “I will help and support you to lose weight.” Upon moving to America, Johnny was going to cook healthy meals for Ella. “I mean, he’s Asian so it’s like freaking healthy, just a lot of vegetables and stuff,” Ella had controversially stated.

Johnny’s Comments On Ella’s Weight

Ella Johnson Weight Loss Instagram Before and After Johnny In 90 Day Fiance 2

Ella’s mom knew that losing weight was a struggle for her daughter. She wondered if after meeting Ella in person, Johnny would use her for a Green Card and leave her for some other American woman. Meanwhile, Johnny appeared concerned about Ella’s health and was shown visiting a doctor of Chinese medicine to get some herbs to aid her weight loss. Johnny spoke about Ella having a “beautiful face” and a great “personality.” But he added, “Ella’s current size, she is kind of a little big, Especially her belly.” Johnny wanted Ella to become “more beautiful” and “more healthy” by helping her lose weight. He was shown talking to the doctor about Ella binge eating desserts and meat.

Ella Reveals Her Weight Loss Progress

Ella Johnson Weight Loss Instagram Before and After Johnny In 90 Day Fiance

Before Johnny could get to America, Ella wanted to hopefully lose 20 pounds, but at least 10. “If I were smaller, I guarantee you that I would be a hot chick, and that men would be over me like syrup on pancakes,” Ella had commented on 90 Day Fiancé. Once, a man told her “you’re bigger than I expected” when she met him in person, and while Johnny promised her he insult her, Ella was thinking of the worst. During episode 5, the 90 Day Fiancé star met with a trainer to be able to work on some weights and get an exercise regimen going. Although the show didn’t really follow up on Ella’s physical transformation, upon seeing her new photos, fans do think that the 90 Day Fiancé celeb is showing wonderful progress.

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