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Romantic Comedy “Murai no Koi” Manga Gets Anime Adaptation » Anime India

(Last Updated On: June 16, 2022)

The animated version of Junta Shima’s “Murai no Koi” was announced in the final seven volumes released today June 17th. “Murai no Koi” is a romantic comedy about Tanaka, a high school teacher who loves otome games, and Murai, a high school boy who has a crush on Tanaka. 

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It was serialized on Gene LINE in 2018 and was made into a TV drama on TBS in April. On the final page of the 7th volume, the words “Murai and his friends will come back with” animation “. In addition, the official Twitter of the work also announced the decision to animate.

Today Murai no Koi manga ends with its release of the final volume. Furthermore, they also announce their upcoming projects related to their manga. Stay tuned to our blog Anime India to get the latest update about all types of manga, anime, and light novels.

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