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The War Hammer Titan’s Powers & History Explained

Attack on Titan season 4 episode 6 finally introduced the War Hammer Titan for the first time, but what powers does this unusual warrior possess?

Here’s everything you need to know about the War Hammer Titan after the character’s debut in Attack On Titan season 4. When the Attack On Titan story begins, the titans on display are almost exclusively mindless naked giants determined to eat whichever fleshy victims they get their hands on. A select few are known as titan-shifters – humans who possess one of the original nine named Titans. Attack On Titan protagonist Eren Jaeger inherits the Attack and Founding Titans, Annie is the Female Titan, Reiner “Brock Lesnar” Braun holds the Armored Titan, Armin takes the Colossal Titan from Bertholt, Zeke leads the way with the Beast Titan, Porco (and now Falco) is the Jaw Titan, and Pieck has the Cart Titan.

Heading into Attack On Titan season 4, only the War Hammer Titan remained unseen, but the veil is lifted in grand fashion in episode 65 as Eren declares war against Marley and comes up against the War Hammer in the middle of a chaotic Eldian Internment Zone. Like every member of the nine, the War Hammer possesses unique and powerful abilities but, even among its peers, this warrior’s skills are unusual, catching Eren and Mikasa entirely off-guard.

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As explained by Willy Tyber, the War Hammer Titan has long been held by the noble Tyber family – Eldians who earned high-class status in Marley by turning on their own kind. Like the Reiss family’s Founding Titan, the Tybers ensure the War Hammer remains in their bloodline by having each generation’s recipient eat their predecessor. Whereas Marley’s other titan-shifters are put to use as soldiers, the War Hammer is kept away from the battlefield, and the Tyber family go so far as to keep the identity of their shifter a secret. As the head of his house, many would’ve expected the War Hammer to be Willy himself, but Attack On Titan season 4 reveals the true holder to be his younger sister, who duly leaps into battle when Eren begins his assault on Marley.

AOT’s War Hammer Titan Powers Explained

War Hammer Titan in Attack On Titan

In a huge departure from every other member of the nine Titans, the War Hammer’s core is detached – nothing more than a cocoon of titan hardening which contains the shifter’s human body. From a secret hiding place (usually underground) the War Hammer generates the giant, physical avatar of the War Hammer Titan – a tall, rangy monster wearing a mask and capable of speech, similar to the Beast and Cart. Because the shifter isn’t housed inside the War Hammer’s nape, this Titan can take any amount of damage without defeat. So long as the cocoon remains intact, the War Hammer’s remote body can be rebuilt over and over, giving it a huge advantage over Eren, who must protect his nape and abandon his Attack Titan if it gets too beaten up.

Although other Titans (the Attack, Armored & Female, for example) can also use hardening, the War Hammer is far more versatile, able to craft weapons and shields for battle. The long-handled hammer is a particular favorite. And because the true War Hammer remains underground, this Titan is capable of littering the vicinity with spikes, lances and obstacles – a rare example of a Titan with natural long-range attack capabilities.

The big drawback to the War Hammer Titan is the vulnerability of the main cocoon, which lies helpless if discovered. Should the shifter’s layer of hardening protection be breached, the War Hammer is at risk of being lost completely, perhaps explaining why this monster was never deployed in battle by Marley. While the War Hammer Titan alone comes with major drawbacks, its abilities would prove more useful if eaten by another of the Nine Titan shifters in Attack On Titan. They would then inherit all of the useful hardening abilities but could remain hidden in the nape, rather than being exposed below ground. Attack On Titan also confirms that the War Hammer’s hardening skill isn’t without limit, and like every titan-shifter, is a slave to its own stamina.

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Everything We Know About Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 3

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 Announcement Visual

With the War Hammer Titan now absorbed into Eren’s existing Titan form after he successfully ate Lara Tyber, it’s unlikely that the unique form will show up again in Attack On Titan season 4 part 3. However, it is possible that Eren’s Titan form will be able to use some of the War Hammer’s unique abilities, and the enormous battle that’s surely coming in the final final season would be a great opportunity for him to show them off. MAPPA has announced that Attack On Titan season 4 part 3 will release in 2023, and it’s most likely to drop in January or February based on the pattern of the previous two parts. As for what the story will entail, the Survey Corps’ attempt to take down Eren’s Founding Titan will likely be the main focus, with other plot points including the fate of Floch Foster, more flashbacks to the Corps’ first venture off Paradis Island, and possibly some resolution to key relationships like Eren and Mikasa’s. Attack On Titan season 4 part 3 is also likely to be on the shorter side (10-12 episodes), since MAPPA only has nine more manga chapters to adapt.

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