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Where You’ve Seen the Actors Before

Netflix’s 2020 romantic comedy Holidate features a talented cast of characters. Here’s where you’ve probably seen the starring actors before.

Netflix’s Holidate cast brings together some well-known and lesser-known stars. John Whitesell directed the festive 2020 film, which takes place in the greater Chicago region and follows two unlucky-in-love twenty-somethings who make a convenient holiday arrangement. In typical rom-com fashion, a few rules are broken along the way.

In Holidate, a young woman named Sloane works from home and avoids familial conversations about her love life. After meeting a friendly man named Jackson at the mall, Sloane accepts an offer to be his companion for a New Year’s Eve party with no sexual strings attached. The two continue their arrangement for each subsequent holiday event and slowly become closer as they bond over conversations about past relationships. When Sloane and Jackson seem ready for romance, one of them retreats back into their comfort zone.

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Holidate was Netflix’s big movie for the holiday 2020 season, and its cast is fit to draw in viewers from all corners. Here’s a guide to who’s in the movie, and what they’ve been featured in before. In typical Netflix fashion, there are plenty of noteworthy names.

4 Emma Roberts As Sloane And Luke Bracey As Jackson

Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey in Holidate on Netflix

Emma Roberts stars as Sloane, a young woman who struggles to let down her guard while pursuing love. Roberts is best known for starring roles in Scream Queens and Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story. She has also appeared in the films Palo Alto and The Blackcoat’s Daughter.

Luke Bracey co-stars as Jackson, a charismatic tennis pro who adores Sloane but doesn’t want to her scare her away. Bracey portrayed David Mason in The November Man and Utah in Point Break. He also appeared as Jamie Caplan in Little Fires Everywhere.

3 Kristin Chenoweth as Aunt Susan

Kristin Chenoweth in Holidate on Netflix

Sloane’s aunt. Kristin Chenoweth starred as Olive Snook in Pushing Daisies and Maria Kelly in Bewitched. She also voiced Vanessa Gekko in BoJack Horseman.

2 The Holidate Supporting Cast

Jake Manley as York: Sloane’s brother. Jake Manley stars as Jack Morton in The Order and also headlined the crime film Infamous.

Cynthy Wu as Liz: York’s fiancee. Cynthy Wu portrayed Ally Harris in Before I Fall and Mia Abend in American Vandal.

Frances Fisher as Elaine: Sloane’s mother. Frances Fisher is best known for portraying Strawberry Alice in Unforgiven and Ruth Dewitt Bukater in Titanic. She also appeared as Jane Crawford in HBO’s Watchmen comic book adaptation.

Jessica Capshaw as Abby: Sloane’s sister. Jessica Capshaw portrayed Jamie Stringer in The Practice and Dr. Arizona Robbins in Grey’s Anatomy.

Alex Moffat as Peter: Abby’s husband. Alex Moffat is a Saturday Night Live cast member and also voices Sandy Calabases in F Is for Family.

Andrew Bachelor as Neil: Jackson’s friend. Andrew Bachelor portrayed John in The Babysitter and Greg in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.

Julien Marlon Samani as Luc: Sloane’s ex-boyfriend. Julien Marlon Samani portrayed Taylor in Hollywood Girls and Julien in The Frenchies.

Dan Lauria as Wally: Susan’s Thanksgiving holidate. Dan Lauria is best known as Jack Arnold from The Wonder Years. He has also appeared in Independence Day and The Spirit.

Jessejames Locorriere as Sam: Susan’s 4th of July holidate. Jessejames Locorriere portrayed Dex Moody in Banshee and General Cornwallis in TURN: Washington’s Spies.

Jonathan Baron as Robert: Susan’s New Year’s Eve holidate. Jonathan Baron has appeared in True Blood and The DUFF.

Nicola Peltz as Felicity: Luc’s girlfriend. Nicola Peltz portrayed Bradley Martin in Bates Motel and Tessa Yeager in Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Manish Dayal as Faarooq: Elaine’s neighbor. Manish Dayal portrayed Hassan in The Hundred-Foot Journey and appears as Devon Pravesh in The Resident.

Aimee Carrero as Carly: Jackson’s sexual partner at the beginning of the film. Aimee Carrero portrayed Ana Montes in Blindspot and voices Princess Elena in Elena of Avalor. She also portrays Shea in the 2020 film Wander Darkly.

Mikaela Hoover as Annie: Mikaela Hoover portrayed Jackie in Happy Endings and Camila in The Suicide Squad.

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1 Will There Be A Holidate 2?


Given how much Netflix has invested into holiday films over the past few years, the idea of there being a Holidate 2 isn’t far-fetched at all. And if a sequel were to arrive, it would be safe to bet on a November or December release date to capitalize on the most festive window of the year. However, as of now, Netflix hasn’t greenlit Holidate 2, and it might not ever, thanks to some of Holidate‘s negative reviews. The criticisms center on it being predictable and bland, but this is hardly a unique problem. The draw of Netflix’s annual outpouring of holiday content isn’t groundbreaking writing or acting, but rather easy-to-watch, feel-good romance. In this department, Holidate does just fine, which is

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