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Best RHOBH Fan Reactions To Crystal Getting ‘Dropped’ By 14 Friends

Fans were surprised when Sutton and Lisa said that Crystal was dropped by her friends on the last RHOBH episode. Here are some of the best reactions.

While it may not be the most dramatic storyline on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12, fans online can’t stop discussing a recent argument involving Crystal Kung Minkoff and her 14 former friends. The Real Housewives viewers were first introduced to Crystal when she joined the group for season 11. After her rookie season, the wife of The Lion King director Rob Minkoff did not hesitate to try and make her mark on the series.

Crystal has continuously found herself at odds with rising fan-favorite Sutton Stracke since she made her Bravo debut last year, with the two fighting over multiple issues. Although the women seemed to patch things up between seasons, one of the current conflicts unfolding on RHOBH season 12 is between Crystal, Sutton, and an alleged “dark” pool story told by Sutton. During RHOBH’s June 15 episode, Sutton retaliated by claiming that Crystal had been dropped as a friend by 14 people, which Lisa Rinna then confirmed as true in a confessional.

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Although Erika Jayne’s legal problems and Dorit Kemsley’s home robbery are the obvious focal points of RHOBH season 12, fans on Twitter are enthralled with Crystal’s mysterious former friends. Many were shocked as Crystal always seemed nice. However, this new revelation has fans thinking twice about Crystal.

RHOBH Fans Are Desperate For More Information

Fans are hoping that Crystal, Sutton, Lisa, or one of the other women continue to talk about the unidentified 14 people on future RHOBH season 12 episodes because viewers have a lot of questions that they are hoping get answered. Were Crystal’s 14 friends all a part of the same friend group? Did all of Crystal’s friendships end at the same time? Were they all 14 separate incidents? These are just a few of the questions that fans have in regards to the unlikely-popular RHOBH moment. Many viewers are even hoping that Crystal’s former friends come forward and provide more context to Sutton and Lisa’s claims, especially considering that a controversial TikTok featuring Sutton has been making its way around the internet.

RHOBH Fans Are Wondering How Crystal Had That Many Friends

One of the most relatable moments for viewers tuning into RHOBH‘s latest episode was when Lisa commented, “I mean, it’s a lot to be dropped by 14 friends. I don’t even have f****** 14 friends.” It’s no secret that it’s harder to make friends the older someone gets, especially if that someone is a public figure. Coupled with Beverly Hills and other celebrity-rich cities known for not exactly being authentic, fans are surprised that Crystal, at one point in time, considered dozens of people to be real friends in the first place.

RHOBH Fans Are Convinced That Crystal Is Problematic

Although some viewers tuning into RHOBH season 12 think that Crystal is being manipulated by pot-stirrers like Erika and Lisa, many of them consider Crystal’s unexpected friend story to be a poor reflection on the star, considering viewers haven’t forgotten about Crystal’s behavior last season. While Crystal has continued to double-down on her comments about Sutton, fans think that whatever happened between Crystal and her former 14 friends indicates that Crystal is one of the more problematic housewives. RHOBH season 12 has only aired a couple of episodes, but if the first five are anything to go by, fans are looking to Crystal, Sutton, and the other women to provide not just entertainment but answers.

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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