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Chris Evans Reveals Surprising Marvel Villain He’d Want To Play In MCU

After brilliantly playing Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Chris Evans picks a surprising Marvel villain he’d want to play.

Chris Evans picks the Marvel villain he’d most like to play if he could and his answer is very surprising. Debuting in 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger as the MCU’s Star-Spangled Avenger, Evans went on to play the role for almost 10 years across several films including all four Avengers movies thus far. He ended his stint as Steve Rogers in 2019’s Avengers: Endgame from director Joe and Anthony Russo. Since then, he has been busy working on other projects outside the MCU, including his latest flick, Pixar’s Lightyear. But, thanks to his well-received run as Captain America, he remains linked to the Marvel franchise even if it has been a few years since he exited the universe.


Evans’ return to the MCU has been rumored for quite some time, with many believing that Phase 4’s exploration of the multiverse is the perfect avenue to bring Cap back into the fold. Evans has said he would be up to return, but that if he were to come back as Steve Rogers, the story would have to be worth it. He has, however, said he would be game to return as his Fantastic Four character Human Torch a.k.a. Johnny Storm while some have called for him to play Hydra Cap, an evil iteration of the Star-Spangled Man. If given the chance, though, the villain Evans would play is a very surprising choice.

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When asked by Buzzfeed Celebrity if there’s any Marvel villain that he wants to play given the opportunity, Evans chose Tom Hiddleston’s Loki. The actor explains that it’s because it seems so much fun to bring the God of Mischief to life. Read Evans’ full answer below:

If I can play any Marvel villain…Loki seems to have the most fun.

Considering Loki’s stint in the MCU and Hiddleston’s performance over the years, it does seem like portraying the character is a blast. Watching the character on various shows is one thing, but it’s worth remembering that Evans has first-hand knowledge of how much of a great time it could be since he worked with Hiddleston a couple of times in the MCU, most prominently in The Avengers where the Asgardian Prince is arguably at his most mischievous. They did share some scenes again in Avengers: Endgame through the time heist’s New York leg. Aside from this, a deleted Thor: The Dark World scene features Evans as Captain America playing Loki in disguise.

Since exiting the MCU, several rumors of Evans returning to play Captain America have circulated. Obviously, none of them have panned out, and considering Sam Wilson is the new Captain America in the MCU, chances are that it might be a long time before this actually happens. But, that doesn’t mean that fans can’t imagine Evans as some kind of Loki variant, especially after the establishment of the Marvel multiverse. As seen in the Loki show, variants can come in all sorts of appearances, so this idea could technically work. Unfortunately, it may not be something that Marvel Studios is willing to do.

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Source: Buzzfeed Celebrity

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