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Dead Space Cosplayer Shows Off Their Stunning Live-Action Trailer

A talented cosplayer has created a live-action Dead Space trailer, featuring themselves in the iconic suit from the beloved horror franchise.

A fan-made live-action trailer created by a Dead Space cosplayer could almost be mistaken for a movie thanks to its stunning attention to detail. The once-quiet horror franchise is currently at the forefront of fans’ minds thanks to the recently-announced Dead Space remake, which is set to release in 2023.

It’s hard to believe there was a time when 2008’s Dead Space was a breath of fresh air to the gaming industry. As multiplayer shooters began to dominate the market, the horror genre was one of several that didn’t have the presence they once had in the previous generations. Enter Dead Space with its intensely macabre sci-fi atmosphere and refined third-person shooter gameplay inspired by the then-genre-leader, Resident Evil 4. Since Isaac Clarke first braved the Necromorph-infested Ishimura, the fanbase has remained dedicated to the franchise, even amidst a near decade-long dormancy. It’s no surprise then that fans have created several fan projects in honor of Dead Space and its characters, including a Dead Space PS1 demake.


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Skilled cosplayer Peep Cosplay has shared a look at their short live-action Dead Space trailer, which perfectly encapsulates the purest space horror experience. Titled Peep Space, the video features a beautifully designed Isaac Clarke cosplay, with the character skulking through a digital recreation of a desolate spaceship. The blue luminosity of the goggles compliments the orange hue cast over Isaac, who, judging by the accurately recreated health tube and oxygen meter on his back, is gravely wounded but at least has oxygen. Eagle-eyed fans may spot the onboard computer mounted to Isaac’s chest which acts as the in-game UI. The trailer ends with Isaac turning to aim at an approaching enemy with his Plasma Cutter, which is a real Dead Space Plasma Cutter recreated earlier this year by Peep Cosplay.

The art of cosplay is one of the most common yet most dedicated methods of fans showing their support for a franchise. Peep Cosplay manages to combine both cosplay and the creation of fan trailers, lovingly blending them into this wonderful live-action teaser. While mock-up game trailers of older games remade with new technology are something to be proud of, there’s a lot to be said for someone who can recreate the iconic atmosphere of a video game on a real-life stage. With fans continuing to pay homage to such memorable game experiences, it’s no wonder why Isaac Clarke and Dead Space are beloved in the horror genre.

Peep Cosplay has already shown what a dedicated fan is capable of achieving when motivated by passion alone. With such perfectly recreated atmosphere and attention to character accuracy, this fan project could even give EA a run for its money with the upcoming Dead Space remake. Whether or not EA is up to the task remains to be seen, but the essence of Dead Space is sure to live on in those who forever cherish its experience.

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Source: Peep Cosplay/YouTube

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