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Pokémon’s Lucario Looks Even Better As Animal Crossing Villager

A creative fan has drawn Pokémon’s Lucario as an Animal Crossing villager, making the Aura Pokémon look very cute in its new chibi-style design.

A creative fan artist has drawn Pokémon‘s Lucario in the style of an Animal Crossing resident. The Aura-wielding Fighting type is one of the franchise’s more popular Pokémon, being the inspiration for merchandise like an expensive life-sized plush toy. While not an iconic mascot like Pikachu or Eevee, many Pokémon players tend to add Lucario to their teams or look forward to seeing it in merchandise for the series.

Animal Crossing‘s villagers are an eclectic group. Each Villager ranges in both personality and popularity, from Isabelle the diligent dog to Derwin the lazy duck. For some players, having a village filled with the most desirable of neighbors is as important as paying off their debt to Tom Nook. The current game in the Animal Crossing series, New Horizons, has invited a great deal of fan art since its release, with plenty of crossover concepts that bring characters from other games and movies to island paradise. This has resulted in Animal Crossing fans becoming well accustomed to seeing sights like Mass Effect crew members becoming New Horizons villagers, among many other cute fanart crossovers.


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A fan of both Pokémon and Animal Crossing has added another cute addition to fanart crossovers, reimagining Lucario as a New Horizons Villager. Tiktoker omuart has received over 30k likes on a video showing their illustration process for the bipedal blue canine. The clip ends with omuart showing off a printed-out version to the camera. The video is part of a long series featuring various Pokémon being illustrated in the same manner, with each Pokémon being suggested by a credited viewer. This chibi Lucario, for example, was drawn at the request of Tiktok user jiyuuakemi. The finished piece, drawn with popular illustration software Procreate, is an adorable addition to Animal Crossing‘s collection of fan art.

Of course, the other side of this crossover is no stranger to creative fan works either. Pokémon‘s long history and expansive fanbase have been the source of endless amounts of artwork, videos, and more. There have even been some very inventive fan works in the past that draw from both franchises. For example, locations from Pokémon have been recreated in Animal Crossing, and often to great effect. At the same time, Pokémon-inspired villagers are nothing new either. Whether through fan art, or even mods, the Animal Crossing community loves to put these two franchises together. One fan even modded New Horizons to turn the new Generation 9 starter Pokémon into actual villagers, although it must be noted their work was not publically available for download.

This villager version of Lucario fits in perfectly with the cast of Animal Crossing. Omuart’s sleek lines and clear adherence to the franchise’s design conventions have resulted in an amazing adaptation of the Pokémon. Looking like this, Lucario could very easily be seen as a popular newcomer to any player’s island. Of course, there are already hundreds of villagers native to Animal Crossing without any immigrants from Pokémon, but a few extra neighbors with designs like Lucario’s would be sure to go down well with any fan. This brilliant example of Pokémon fan art undoubtedly deserves all of the praise that it has received.

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Source: omuart/Tiktok

Image Source: omuart/Tiktok

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