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Alexis Maloney & Hunter Parr Get Married

Alexis Maloney and Hunter Parr, stars from The Ultimatum, get married on June 18 in California. Some of their castmates congratulated them.

The Ultimatum‘s Alexis Maloney and Hunter Parr have officially gotten married. The couple was introduced to the world earlier in 2022 through Netflix’s break-out reality series. They appeared on the reality series after Maloney issued Parr an ultimatum. Maloney’s reason for giving Parr an ultimatum was due to their dating for two years and Parr was ready for them to move in together. However, Maloney felt that it was important for Parr to propose to her before they took such an important step. Additionally, Maloney stressed the importance of finances in the relationship because she wants to live a certain lifestyle.


Once the couples were introduced, Maloney took a liking to Madlyn Ballatori’s partner, Colby Kissinger. While the participants were getting to know each other, Maloney expressed interest in Kissinger but he explained that he did find her attractive. Though many argue that his approach was gentle, Maloney took Kissinger’s honesty differently and began to bash his character to some of the other participants. Maloney did not make a connection with any of the other guys in the experiment, and thus, may not have been anyone’s first pick to have a trial marriage with. However, Parr spared Maloney from further embarrassment by proposing before most of the couples paired up, and the two left the series and continued to work on their relationship. At the show’s reunion, the two announced that they were officially planning the wedding.

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According to People, the couple tied the knot on June 18 in Palos Verdes, California, at the Wayfarers Chapel and Palos Verdes Golf Club. Maloney told the outlet that she was ecstatic to finally be a wife and take this important step with her now-husband. She said, “It’s no longer about Alexis. It’s Alexis and Hunter. That’s the most exciting thing for me, is we’re doing everything together … tough times are going to come, but I have him.” Parr echoed his wife’s sentiments and said that he knows that their wedding day will be filled with “joy, love and a ton of pure emotion.” He added that “It’s going to be a nice celebration and event for us to appreciate where we’ve come from, as well as take a moment to be excited about where we’re going and really begin to start to build our lives together.”

The couple spoke about their unique experience in The Ultimatum and Maloney defended her time on the show and said she always wanted to remain with Parr. “Ultimately, I wanted Hunter to be 100% sure and make sure that I was the one he really wanted,” said Maloney. She mentioned that the journey was difficult because she was unable to connect with most of the male participants, but the lack of connection helped her realize how much she loved Parr. Maloney also added that it “was so reassuring to see that after a week of going on dates, he [knew] he [wanted] to be with me.” Parr also commented on their experience with the experiment and he stated that he has no regrets about being a part of the series “because both of us stayed true to ourselves and tried to be the most we could. And how it ended up was just a natural conclusion for that.”

Since the couple from The Ultimatum has gotten married, Maloney has already changed her last name to Parr on Instagram. The star shared some of the wedding images on her social media and her castmates, including Lauren Pounds, Natalie Lee, Shanique Imari, and April Marie Melohn congratulated the couple in Maloney’s comments. Now that the couple’s wedding has ended, they are headed to Santorini, Mykonos, and Athens for their honeymoon.

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Source: People

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