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Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition launches as a remastered version of the Iconic 1997 game

The long-rumored remaster edition of the 1997 Blade Runner adventure game is finally out starting today. Nightdive Studios have remastered the game and it is now available on Steam for Windows. It is also available on all consoles including PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch. The new version is called the Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition and it offers better FPS and some improved in-game elements.

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition offers 60 FPS gameplay

The Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition now offers gameplay at 60 FPS, which is a big improvement over the 15 FPS gameplay on the original. But the original still offered one of the best graphics of that time. The newer one, however, doesn’t do too much to improve the graphics, in fact, its trailer has mixed reviews.

The Enhanced Edition offers slightly better visuals in some parts of the game, but as for most of the game, it is blurred out. Nightdive Studios appear to have used some reverse-engineering and machine learning to try to achieve some clarity in the visuals, but it ends up looking blurred with some details vanished.

What it gets over the original version are subtitles and controller support. Also, now it is on consoles, finally making its way out of the desktops. That said, those who haven’t played it, or own a console, can try it out this weekend. It is also available on PCs.

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition Price on Steam

The Enhanced Edition costs $10/Rs. 349 on Steam for PCs.

Blade Runner sets in Los Angeles, where the story of an elite detective named Ray McCoy is being told. Back then, it was advertised as the first real-time 3D adventure game and it was considered a big leap for the gaming industry. It has also received the ‘Computer Adventure Game of Year’ award at the time of its release.

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