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Best Team Composition for Story Mode

Story mode is the first activity in Disney Mirrorverse, and after getting a few Guardians, players can use teams that work best for each encounter.

The story mode in Disney Mirrorverse currently has seven chapters with challenging combat encounters, and certain character combinations work better as a team than others. At first, players will need to use the Guardians they are given for free, but eventually, a big enough roster will be accumulated so that different options become available. Story mode encounters are increasingly difficult, so determining the right team can help players avoid wasting energy and being defeated.

Story mode encounters offer valuable rewards and make up a large part of the game. Each encounter has a tab on the side before entering that shows the boss, their abilities, and the minions that will appear throughout the encounter. Not every story mode encounter will call for the same playable characters in Disney Mirrorverse, but certain team combinations work better. When first starting out, it’s not as important to have the right team, but in later chapters, it becomes difficult to win if players aren’t using the best possible Guardians.


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There are four classes of Guardians, including melee, ranged, tank, and support. Each character class has Guardians that share traits. For example, tank characters all carry shields and have increased defense stats compared to other classes. However, every Guardian in Disney Mirrorverse has unique special attacks, talents, and secondary abilities, like applying negative buffs to their opponents or positive buffs to their teammates. Some characters have better specials and talents, but players can generally stick to certain classes rather than needing specific characters they may not have unlocked yet.

Best Guardians For Completing Story Mode Encounters In Disney Mirrorverse

Disney Mirrorverse Best Team Composition for Story Mode Chapter Four Mike Wazowski

As is the case with Dungeon team compositions in Disney Mirrorverse, it’s beneficial to keep a support character on the team because their special abilities will usually heal their teammates. If a support character is being used, then the team should also consist of characters in the tank and melee classes or the ranged and melee classes. In some cases, support, tank, and ranged characters can be used, but melee Guardians have a higher attack power, so it’s easier to win encounters with one on the team.

Players can also use a team consisting of tank, melee, and ranged characters. However, without a support, it’s more difficult to earn three stars for each encounter by keeping every Guardian alive until the end. Regardless of the other Guardians on a team, if a melee character is being used, then that’s the one that players should take control of. Support and ranged characters, like Zurg in Disney Mirrorverse, will usually stay far enough back to avoid taking heavy damage, and tanks have increased defense. Melee characters are the ones that typically get knocked out first. If a melee character is being controlled by an AI, they won’t dodge much, and the Guardian’s health will be drained quickly.

Story mode consists of seven chapters, and each one is more challenging. The smaller the gap is between the recommended and player power levels, the easier it will be to get knocked out and lose star rating rewards or be defeated. When the Guardian team is under or just barely over the recommended power level, a support character should always be used to provide some healing for the team, and tanks will make it easier to survive until the end. The best team compositions for story mode in Disney Mirrorverse are usually support, tank, and ranged Guardians or melee, support, and ranged characters.

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Disney Mirrorverse is available for Android and iOS.

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