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Why NeNe Feels ‘Dragged’ Into Boyfriend’s Marital Drama

NeNe Leakes feels “dragged” into Nyonisela Sioh’s marital drama amid The Real Housewives of Atlanta star’s lawsuit with his angry ex-wife.

Amid NeNe Leakes’ lawsuit with Nyonisela Sioh’s ex-wife, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star feels “dragged” into his marital drama. NeNe is accused of causing Nyoni’s divorce from Malomine Tehmeh-Sioh. The estranged ex-wife is suing NeNe for allegedly causing the collapse of her marriage by dating a married man. NeNe and Nyoni have both denied Malomine’s claims and say the marriage was over long before NeNe stepped into the picture. But the lawsuit only adds to all the legal issues on NeNe’s plate.

In addition to NeNe’s own lawsuit against Bravo, the OG housewife was named in a lawsuit Malomine filed earlier this month over her failed marriage. Malomine claims NeNe started posting up photos with Nyoni confirming their romance while he was still married. As a result, Malomine claims NeNe caused her emotional distress, mental anguish, and a loss of affection in her marriage. With the Siohs being residents of North Carolina, Malomine is legally allowed to sue Nyoni’s extramarital partner for alienation of affection. Malomine is suing for over $100k and wants NeNe to pay up for allegedly causing the demise of her marriage.


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NeNe recently explained why she has “no feelings” about the lawsuit she feels she was “dragged” into. “I feel like it’s their business and not mine, right?” NeNe told ET. “I feel like I was dragged into something that is just not my business,” she added. NeNe was already facing criticism for going public with Nyoni just three months after the passing of her husband Gregg Leakes in September. The widow wasted no time debuting Nyoni to the world on her birthday in December. The TV star doesn’t think Nyoni’s divorce has anything to do with her. “They have their own legal thing that’s going on,” NeNe said of Nyoni’s court battle with Melomine. “I shouldn’t be brought into it, that’s all. I really think that it’s something that [Nyonisela] has to handle himself.

Nene Leakes smiling to the camera in RHoA

The Linnethia Lounge owner has been locked in her own legal fight against the network that made her a household name. NeNe launched a lawsuit against Bravo in April over claims of racial discrimination and blacklisting of her career. NeNe named Kim Zolciak-Biermann in the lawsuit but didn’t sue her directly. She accuses the fellow OG of having displayed racism behind the scenes that Bravo allegedly tolerated and even seemingly rewarded by giving Kim an eight-season spin-off. Kim has denied NeNe’s claims and warned that she’ll be coming for NeNe after she’s done with Bravo.

NeNe is set to appear in a new show on another network which seemingly debunks her claims of being blacklisted and prevented from securing new TV deals. With all the legal drama NeNe is dealing with on her own, The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum has no time to deal with a lawsuit over someone else’s divorce. So much has happened with NeNe since she left the show. It’s a shame the fans don’t get a chance to see all the drama play out in a juicy storyline. NeNe’s real-life drama proves why she became a staple of the franchise.

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