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How To View And Manage Subscriptions In iOS 16

Managing subscriptions in iOS is getting easier and more transparent with the latest software. Users can view and manage subscriptions in one place.

The interface used to manage individual subscriptions on Apple devices changed in 2022 with an over-the-air update to iOS and iPadOS devices running version 15.5, 16, or later — providing an easier and more transparent way to view, manage and cancel subscriptions. The company has tried to make it simple for users to cancel subscriptions on its devices while also supporting a subscription platform for third-party app developers. In recent years, Apple has gone all-in on the subscription model, creating services like Apple Music, Apple TV+, iCloud+ and more. For this reason, it’s likely that a user has subscribed to — or used a free trial for — a subscription in the past. With the redesigned interface, it’s simpler to view, manage, unsubscribe and renew various subscription plans.


Subscriptions must be more transparent in the latest versions of iOS since Apple’s new App Store policies are predatory for consumers. Under the current guidelines, third-party developers can increase the prices of their subscriptions without requiring approval from the subscriber. This means that an auto-renewing subscription could charge users more on a recurring basis without their knowledge. In most cases, when a subscription is renewed, the user will receive a receipt in their email — but it’s unlikely that someone would check each receipt to confirm the price remained the same. The new interface clearly shows the cost and renewal date, making it easier to manage subscriptions despite Apple’s questionable policies.

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Viewing and managing subscriptions on iOS takes place in the native Settings app, and the update might reach devices that aren’t upgraded to the latest software. Though it is officially noted on iOS 15.5 and the beta versions of iOS 16, the subscription interface is a web client hosted on Apple’s servers. This means that since the interface was updated on the server-side, using the redesigned Settings menu might not require downloading a new update. If a user doesn’t see the subscription menu as outlined below, check to ensure that the devices are updated to the latest software.

View & Manage Subscriptions In Settings

Setting up iPhone

To view and manage subscriptions — both from Apple and third-party developers on the App Store — open the Settings app and tap the name associated with the connected iCloud account. A settings page will open, displaying various information about the user’s iCloud account, including subscriptions. Tap the ‘Subscriptions’ tab at the bottom of the first block of menu items, and a screen will open listing all of the account’s active and inactive subscriptions. Here, the name of the subscription, the price, and the renewal date will be shown. In addition, two new toggles are available at the bottom of the screen: ‘Renewal Receipts’ and ‘Share with Family.’ When switched on, the former will send renewal receipts to an email anytime a subscription renews, and the latter will share compatible subscriptions with a Family Sharing group.

Learning more about a subscription and taking the appropriate action is as simple as tapping on the name of the subscription in the list. A page will open up showing the full name of the app and the features included with the subscription. Next to the feature list, a ‘See All Plans’ button allows users to see the other subscription plans available from the same application or service. Underneath it, the price of the subscription, the renewal interval, and the renewal date is clearly shown. In a separate button colored in red, the ‘Cancel Subscription’ option is present, giving users the choice to cancel their subscription now and receive all of the benefits until the subscription period they’ve paid for ends. Overall, the changes to the subscription interface on iOS provide a more transparent experience for users.

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