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Raft: Where to Find Temperance (The Final Chapter)

After Varuna Point players need to enter coordinates to sail to Temperance in Raft. Here, players must solve puzzles to progress the story.

In the recently released update for Raft, players can find and explore the Ice Island known as Temperance in the game’s main storyline. Temperance is a new explorable island in Raft: The Final Chapter. It’s a giant chunk of ice and has all kinds of features to explore and materials to collect. This island is accessible after the players have visited and explored Varuna Point, another new island in The Final Chapter.

Temperance is a giant ice island that players visit in the main storyline quest of Raft: The Final Chapter. It is the second island in the newest update after Varuna Point and the seventh in the overall story. Unfortunately, the island is the first map where it is constantly snowing, making it hard to complete the main quest involving Temperance: collecting notes. There are 12 notes scattered throughout Temperance, and players must search for them to learn more about the civilization around the different islands.


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To find Temperance in Raft: The Final Chapter, players need to be playing through the main story of the game, as it can only be found with coordinates that players receive on the previous island, Varuna Point. Therefore, players must have already sailed to the prior islands and completed the story associated with those islands before unlocking Temperance; those islands are the Radio Tower, Vasagatan, Balboa Island, Caravan Town, Tangaroa, and Varuna Point.

Where to Find Temperance in Raft: The Final Chapter

Raft The Final Chapter Temperance Snow Biome Book Location Story

To find Temperance in Raft: The Final Chapter, press “T” to open up the log book after completing the mission at Varuna Point. The coordinates for Temperance, #1101, will be listed. Put Temperance’s coordinates in the navigation device, and the new island will appear on the radar. Players will automatically head in that direction, and a giant snow biome will appear on the horizon. The coordinates will not appear until players complete Varuna Point, so make sure to be playing through the main story to be able to access Temperance.

Once players arrive at Temperance in Raft: The Final Chapter, there will be 12 notes scattered throughout the map that players need to hunt down. When players find and collect these notes, they will be listed in the log book, accessible by hitting “T.” Explore all regions of the map to find the notes. For example, the final note will have coordinates to the last island in this expansion of Raft: Utopia. The coordinates for Utopia are different for each game, so players must find all the notes on Temperance to be able to continue in the main story.

In addition to finding the notes, players will have to solve puzzles, avoid poison-filled rooms, defeat enemies, collect keys, and watch out for polar bears, a much cuter snow enemy compared to beasts like Skyrim’s Frost Troll. There are lots of puzzles to complete, so players who are looking to do more than just collect detritus, salvage raw materials, and sail endlessly on the open ocean should consider playing through the main story of Raft.

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Raft is available for PC on Steam.

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