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Sister Wives Star Mariah Brown Comes Out As Transgender

Mariah Brown (Leon) from Sister Wives reveals to their Instagram followers that they are transgender and will use they/them pronouns from now on.

Sister Wives fans learned that Mariah Brown has come out as transgender and changed their name to Leon. Viewers have been keeping up to date with Leon and their life since leaving the family show. Now fans will be able to celebrate Leon’s news with them and their partner, Audrey Kriss.

Leon has been extremely supportive of their partner, Audrey. In recent months, viewers have started to question whether or not Leon was also going through a journey regarding their identity. Viewers have watched the two TLC stars step back from the limelight and move back to Utah. Even though Audrey and Leon are not yet married, viewers are enjoying their constant life updates on social media.


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Leon shocked Sister Wives viewers when they revealed via Instagram that they are transgender. Leon shared with followers that while they didn’t have everything in their life figured out, they do know who they truly are. Leon told Sister Wives viewers that they wanted to let everyone know that they are trans, saying, “My name is Leon or Leo (i love both), and my pronouns are they/them.” Leo explained that they always knew that they weren’t a girl, and while growing up in a restricted society, they were ready to embrace their truth.

Leon posed in their photo while wearing shorts and a T-shirt. They seemed extremely comfortable in their own skin as they leaned against a doorway. Leon expressed that they are extremely proud to be “genderqueer and trans.” Leon revealed that identifying as queer is one of their favorite parts about themself. Leon is still getting to know who they are and will continue to share themself with their supporters. They decided to share their personal news so they could be in charge of setting their own boundaries. Leon made it clear that they won’t accept someone not using their correct name or pronouns and will happily stop speaking with anyone who chooses to be ignorant.

Back in June, Audrey posted a photo of themself and Leon celebrating Salt Lake City’s Pride festival. In the photo, fans noticed that Audrey and Leon both had their shirts undone in support of Audrey’s recent top surgery. Sister Wives fans are waiting for Leon’s mother, Meri Brown, to comment on the news and to see how Kody Brown accepts his new son. For now, Leon is extremely happy with their decision and looking forward to the journey ahead. With the support of family, friends and Audrey, Leon is ready to embrace their true self.

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Source: Leon Brown/Instagram

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