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Why Nina Ali Was The Perfect Housewife To Cast

The Real Housewives of Dubai’s Nina Ali is no stranger to fame and wealth, and she is definitely making a splash on the glitzy reality show.

The Real Housewives of Dubai has been turning heads since its inception, but Nina Ali still stands out, and she may be the most perfectly cast member of the group. In episode one of the series, Nina narrates the friendships between the series’ women, and she is connected to almost all of the show’s stars. Like the most successful housewife favorites, it is clear that Nina does not need RHODubai to succeed, as she already built a platform of her own as a “mommy influencer.” She is also the CEO of a successful fruitcake business.

Nina was born and raised in the capitol of Texas, and she’s now living in Dubai, with a billionaire husband. Nina fulfills viewers’ expectations with a typical Dubai expatriate story line. A dedicated mother with a thriving business, Nina’s not afraid to challenge Eastern social ideals about womens’ roles in society. She also does not shy away from acknowledging her Western heritage. In episode two, Nina celebrated her Dubai version of Thanksgiving while enjoying the world’s largest Ferris wheel, the Ain Dubai. As the show gains popularity, Nina is sure to become a fan favorite.


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Nina Ali is the ultimate Dubai housewife because of her American background, which many fans can relate to. She genuinely loves her family, including her three growing children. She also enjoys her position at the heart of the group. All previous franchise shows have been based in interesting cities across America, but the Dubai version brings fresh new energy. With such a grand locale, there needs to be a star that grounds the show, tying it to franchise that fans know and love.

Nina Ali Is Surprisingly Relatable

While Nina is not the only American in the group (Caroline Brooks also grew up in Massachusetts), her story is based on a background that viewers know and live themselves. Throughout the few released episodes, Nina has shared stories about her upbringing, and how she hopes to provide for her children in a way that never used to be possible. While her net worth remains a mystery, it is clear from her lavish parties on the show that her humble beginnings are definitely a thing of the past.

Nina Ali Shows Off Her Young Family

Like many of the housewives, Nina has a young family that appears on the show often, which Bravo fans love to see. Several cast members on the other franchise shows have had their children go on to immense success, such as supermodels Delilah Belle and Amelia Hamlin, as well as Gigi and Bella Hadid, who have shared their mental health struggles. Showcasing her life with her children is not a new idea for Nina either. Ten months after marrying her husband Munaf Ali, she became pregnant, and had the rest of her kids in just three years.

Feeling isolated from her family in Texas, Nina decided to create an Instagram to share her struggles while raising her children. She quickly attracted a fan following, and her supporters loved to watch her daily activities. That fame has even led to a spread with her family in Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, where the Ali kids and herself were draped in custom Dolce & Gabbana garments. Nina is currently the third most-followed housewife of the group, so it appears that Nina’s lifestyle is perfect content for a reality show.

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Nina Ali Has Bonded With The RHODubai Group

As shown in the first episode, Nina has the best connections to all of the women in the group. In episode one, she even invites all the women to a full moon dinner, where there is plenty of drama fodder for the season. Reminiscent of previous franchise queen bees like Lisa Vanderpump and Vicki Gunvalson, Nina remains poised and calm at the head of the table, She is not afraid to speak up and be assertive. After the fallout from the dinner, Nina even reaches out to Chanel Ayan to discuss her relationship with Caroline, and how they can improve and move forward. One thing that fans love to see is the real friendships fostered on The Real Housewives of Dubai.

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