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The Streaming Wars Part 2 Officially Set for July Release

The release date for the latest South Park Paramount+ special, South Park: The Streaming Wars Part 2, is now officially set for this July.

The release date for the upcoming South Park special has been officially revealed, and its heading to streaming next month. The 26-season-run of America’s most controversial long-running cartoon has given the internet some of its most memorable memes and edgy satire. Following the launch of the Paramount+ streaming service, the fan-favorite adult animation series announced a series of feature-length South Park specials that would be heading straight to the platform. South Park: Post Covid, South Park: Post Covid: The Return of Covid, and South Park: The Streaming Wars have all been welcome additions for fans of the outrageous comedy, which is about to celebrate its 25th anniversary on-air. With Streaming Wars Part 1 ending on a huge cliffhanger, it wasn’t long before a sequel special was announced.


After weeks of speculation, Paramount+ officially announces the next special, South Park: The Streaming Wars Part 2 will be heading to the service on Wednesday July 13. Following the events of the previous special, the town of South Park is on the brink of disaster following a drought. It’s up to the main characters, including Stan, Kyle and Kenny, to sort things out.

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South Park continues to be as popular among teen and young-adult audiences, as it was when it first hit MTV in 1997. Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s cutting-edge, up-to-date social commentary and lack of filter is as relevant to modern audiences as ever. Even South Park’s most divisive episodes remain popular talking points today. Loyal fans of the small-town gang of friends will be eager to see what happens in the next feature length special when it hits streaming next month. Until then, the previous South Park special events are available for streaming exclusively on Paramount+.

South park streaming wars part 2

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