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What Happened To The Season 9 Cast This Week (June 20)

Get the 90 Day Fiancé season 9 news for this week, including more info about Biniyam’s ex-wife and son, and Yve on Mohamed’s hypocrisy.

A quick look at 90 Day Fiancé season 9 cast member updates from the past week truly surprised fans. 90DF episode 9 created fresh problems between couples, just when things had started to go well. After winning his MMA fight, Biniyam Shibre had to deal with his nemesis, Ariela Weinberg’s ex-husband Leandro Fosque, all over again. During the Ethiopian New Year celebration that Leandro was invited to by Ariela, against Biniyam’s wishes, it was decided that her ex would help her choose a wedding dress. Emily Bieberly got a dream proposal from Kobe Blaise, but she ruined everything by revealing that she’d also picked up a ring for herself.


While Kobe spent a quarter of his savings on Emily’s ring, she insulted him by whipping out the other ring in front of her family, while they were celebrating the happy moment. Yve Arellano and Mohamed Abdelhamed, who have 73 days left to wed, spoke about having a baby of their own, and he insisted that he would raise the child his way. “If my child will not be a Muslim, I prefer not to have a child,” Mohamed told an upset Yve. Jibri Bell’s mother Mahala stirred the pot during a family dinner, which led the Black Serbs singer to call Miona Bell an “entitled millennial.

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Patrick Mendes and Thaís Ramone visited Las Vegas, as she continued to lie to her father about why she was in the U.S. Thaís forced Patrick to marry her in a wedding chapel, and his reply was, “This is how you marry a stripper.” Shaeeda Sween told Bilal Hazziez to add a new clause to their prenup, which would stipulate that she has to have kids before she turns 40. Shaeeda’s American dream is very different from what she expected, and it seems like she’s not too sure if she and Bilal will get legally married. The saddest scene from the episode was between Guillermo Rojer and Kara Bass, as he revealed that his brother had died.

Biniyam Files For Joint Custody Of His Son

Biniyam Shibre Ariela Weinberg Baby Aviel: TLC: 90 Day Fiancé

Before meeting Ariela by chance while she hailed a cab in Ethiopia, Biniyam was married to another American woman called Bria. Biniyam and Bria had a son called Simon, whom she’d given birth to in the U.S., and he’d come to see him in Iowa. However, Bria had left Biniyam after a fight, and taken Simon along with her. Fans had been hearing about how much Biniyam misses his son on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. Now that Biniyam is in America for good with Ariela, he has supposedly filed for joint custody of Simon, as per Starcasm. Following his divorce, Biniyam was granted legal visitation when his son was still in Ethiopia. However, these rights fell through when his ex-wife and son returned to the United States, as Biniyam was unable to get a visitor’s visa.

Yve Confesses She’s Bothered By Mohamed’s Hypocrisy


Egyptian man Mohamed and his much older fiancee Yve had met when he came across a photo of her in a bikini on Instagram. However, after moving to the States, Mohamed is against Yve wearing revealing clothes, and even wants her to convert to his religion. In an interview with ET, Yve spoke about Mohamed’s double standards and how they don’t sit well with her. “I don’t think it’s fair because just like the bikini thing, you’re upset about that, but you can [post] pictures of yourself [shirtless],” Yve admitted. She said she’s questioning Mohamed’s hypocritical opinions, and understands that he’s trying to impose “this kind of more male-dominated type of like energy or religion” on her, even though she is a confident and independent woman.

Emily & Kobe’s Son Koban Looks All Grown Up

Kobe Blaise and his son Koban 90 Day Fiance Season 9

Emily and Kobe met in China for the first time, got engaged within a few weeks, and almost immediately found out that they were pregnant. Emily gave birth to Koban while she was in America and Kobe was waiting for his visa. The COVID-19 pandemic meant that Kobe would meet Koban only when the baby turned 17 months old. However, as per Kobe’s new Instagram update, Koban has grown a lot. Kobe is proud of his boy, who turns three in July, amid rumors of him and Emily welcoming a second child. “I’ll always want to be your dad even in my next life,90 Day Fiancé fan favorite Kobe wrote to his firstborn.

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Sources: Starcasm, ET, Kobe Blaise/Instagram

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