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Wordle 376: June 30, 2022 Hints & Answer

June 30th’s Wordle Answer was somewhat difficult to guess as there could only be a few possible answers. These hints might help in guessing the word.

June 30th’s Wordle answer is a bit tricky to guess if players didn’t start with the right words in the first few tries. Unfortunately, Wordle doesn’t offer any more hints other than the visual color changes, which can leave players stuck in solving the brain teaser, especially if it has the potential to have many outcomes. However, with some contextual hints, players might be able to guess the solution in less than six tries and maintain their daily streak. 

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If players find the regular mode easy, they can always try their hand at Wordle’s hard mode, which forces players to solve the puzzle with stricter rules. These rules can sometimes work in a player’s favor, especially when the puzzle uses obscure words like today’s Wordle answer. The harder mode forces players to use previously discovered letters in the same spot, which can help in guessing today’s Wordle answer faster. Having said that, players looking for clues can use the below hints that might give them a better idea of today’s Wordle solution. 


Today’s Wordle Hints (June 30th #376)

LEGO Wordle Logo Bricks

Many players like to use clues that are somewhat similar to hints they may have previously seen in crossword puzzles. For example, the hints below might help players guess June 30th’s Wordle answer without sacrificing their streaks and fewer tries. 

  • Hint 1: a box or cage
  • Hint 2: storage chest
  • Hint 3: a common mesh cage for keeping rabbits

Players can share their results on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms after they have managed to guess today’s Wordle answer. This can be done by clicking on the “Share” button, which will copy a set of color-box emojis that can be posted on the aforementioned platforms. What’s neat is that other Wordle players can understand these emojis without having the answer spoiled for them. 

Today’s Wordle Answer (June 30th #376)

The June 30th Wordle answer is HUTCH.

When trying to guess today’s Wordle answer, we first used the word ‘CRAVE,’ which revealed the incorrect position of one letter. Next, we used the word ‘CRUST,’ which revealed the incorrect position of two more letters from today’s Wordle answer. Then, we used ‘BUTCH,’ which showed the correct spot for four letters for today’s Wordle answer. Then we used the word ‘DUTCH,’ which did not reveal the correct answer. Finally, knowing the correct position of four letters from today’s solution, we luckily guessed the word HUTCH for today’s Wordle answer.

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