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Is Ms. Marvel’s [SPOILER] Really Dead? MCU Star Responds

EXCLUSIVE: Ms. Marvel star, Farhan Akhtar shares his thoughts regarding the shocking and brutal death of a certain character in episode 4.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Ms. Marvel episode 4.

Ms. Marvel star Farhan Akhtar shares his thoughts on his character’s surprising death. The latest MCU Disney+ television series stars Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan, a high school student from Jersey City who becomes imbued with superhuman powers after donning an old bangle sent to her by her grandmother. Ms. Marvel has received near-universal critical acclaim, making it the highest-ranked MCU TV show entry on Rotten Tomatoes.

Ms. Marvel episode 4,”Seeing Red,” sees Kamala and her mother Muneeba Khan (Zenobia Shroff) travel to Karachi, Pakistan, at the request of Kamala’s grandmother, Sana (Samina Ahmad). While wandering the city in search of clues to her past and the mystery of the cosmic bangle, Kamala encounters Kareem (Aramis Knight), a vigilante from the ancient order of the Red Daggers. The eldest member, Waleed, protects both Kareem and Kamala from the inter-dimensional beings known as the ClanDestines who want to retrieve the bangle from Kamala. In his brave attempt, Waleed is seemingly killed by Najma (Nimra Bucha).


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In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, Akhtar shares his thoughts on Waleed’s shocking death in Ms. Marvel episode 4. Although the actor was not clear on whether or not his character died fighting Najma, Akhtar does believe Kamala and Kareem left him for dead far too quickly. Read what the actor said about Waleed’s death below.

Yeah, I think so too. I mean, that boy, I’ve trained him and trained him all these years, and the least he could do, I think, was check my pulse. [laughs]

He was like, “Leave him! He’s dead!” Wait! It’s just a flesh wound.

Ms Marvel Episode 4 Waleed Farhan Akhtar

Although the heroes did not check for Waleed’s pulse to make sure the Red Dagger leader was dead, it seemed fairly clear that he was deceased. Waleed used his last moments to save Kamala and Kareem from being caught by a member of the ClanDestines. While distracted, Najma stabbed Waleed in the back with a long dagger. She then kicked him, causing him to fall two stories. If the dagger did not seal his fate, the multi-story drop surely did. Regardless, Kamala and Kareen had no time to check on him as the ClanDestines were closing in.

Given the severity of the attack, Waleed is most likely dead. However, there is a slim chance that he could have survived in some miraculous way. The MCU has seen their fair share of death fake-outs and resurrections. Either through characters returning using separate timelines and dimensions, as was the case with Gamora in Avengers: Endgame, or simply through magic as seen in Thor with the God of Thunder’s enchanted hammer, Mjolnir, death is never certain in the MCU. Whether or not Waleed is alive remains to be seen, but due to the ferocity of the attack, the Ms. Marvel character will likely not see another episode.

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