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Times When Winter Everett Won On Instagram

On The Family Chantel, Winter Everett has fully embraced her weight loss journey, and many viewers think that she is also winning on social media.

On The Family Chantel season 4, Winter Everett is providing fans with an in-depth look at her successful weight loss journey, but the younger sister of Chantel Jimeno is also thriving when it comes to social media. Winter has become increasingly popular among 90 Day Fiancé franchise fans, due to her positive personality and honest weight loss journey. Many viewers love Winter’s confident and stylish Instagram posts, which leads to her posts frequently being praised by the series’ fans.

While Chantel has always been naturally slim, Winter has struggled with her weight throughout her life. The younger Everett sister reached 300 pounds before she decided that she needed to make a major change. When Winter was still dating her controlling partner Jah, weight loss surgery was off the table. However, she decided to travel to Mexico for bariatric surgery after their breakup. Winter allowed the process to be filmed for The Family Chantel season 4. She has also discussed her diet, exercise, and mindset on social media.


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One of the reasons why Winter is so popular with The Family Chantel viewers is her attitude. Winter is a gorgeous woman with a colorful style, and she is also an inspiration when it comes to healthy and honest weight loss. However, it is her positive and uplifting attitude that makes her a real fan favorite personality. Winter champions a mindset of self-love and positive energy. She works hard to foster self-acceptance, and helps her followers to feel confident about themselves. Her popularity among fans means that her Instagram posts are often celebrated.

Winter Expresses Herself

winter everett ig 1 cropped brown outfit

Since her split from Jah, Winter has had many wins on social media, as she embraces herself and celebrates who she is. Winter started receiving more buzz from viewers at the end of 2021, as she truly began to show off her style and weight loss results on Instagram. One post from last November saw Winter confidently posing in a brown leather skirt and matching sweater. She told her followers that she dresses the way she feels, and enjoys expressing herself and her emotions through her style. Many viewers applauded Winter’s outfit and attitude. She showed everyone she was winning when her influencer career started taking off.

Winter Shows Off

winter everett instagram 2 cropped

Winter gracefully walks the line between confident and humble. The Family Chantel star received so much buzz for a gorgeous set of images that she shared back in March. Winter looked confident and beautiful in a denim mini skirt and full glam makeup. “I got a #newattitude,” she captioned the post. Many viewers applauded Winter’s beauty and weight loss. Her photo also showed her standing confidently and showing her independence. This was a major win for the reality TV star, as Jah used to control her life. Many franchise fans were happy to see Winter living life on her own terms.

Winter Embraces Herself

winter everett 3 cropped IG

Winter has received much applause for a photoshoot that she has been sharing since The Family Chantel season 4 started airing. The Atlanta beauty took a number of images in a bikini, as she proudly flaunted her body and peacefully basked in the water. “I know who I am. When I look at my reflection I see all that I need,” Winter captioned an image from this week. Many The Family Chantel fans interpreted Winter’s photos as her championing who she is and how she looks. Overall, viewers are very happy to see Winter living her best life.

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