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Will The Kree Appear In Ms. Marvel?

There’s evidence that Ms. Marvel could feature the alien race known as the Kree, fueled by the severed blue arm seen in season 1, episode 3.

After Ms. Marvel season 1, episode 4, there’s more evidence to suggest the show could feature the Kree. In the episode, Kamala goes to Karachi where she is hunted down by a member of the Red Daggers, who brings her to the secret hideout of the ancient group. In this scene, the leader of the Red Daggers, Waleed, explains the origin of what she knows as the “Djinn.” He says, “The Clandestines are not like you’ve heard about in stories or religious texts. If Thor landed in the Himalayan mountains, he too would have been called a Djinn.

This implies that any powerful race discovered that long ago could have been known as a Djinn and that Kamala’s idea of her origin might be apocryphal. It is entirely possible that people explained what they didn’t understand by using terms they already knew and that the aliens became commonly known as Djinn in the culture where they were first seen.


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One of the most important clues that the Djinn aren’t really Djinn is the severed blue arm from which the Clandestines originally took the magical bangle. Given that the bangle was on a blue arm and that one of the only known races of blue people in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the Kree, it is entirely possible that the bangle from Ms. Marvel is ancient Kree technology. But why would the Kree be a part of Ms. Marvel if the show’s focused on exploring the origin of the Djinn? Well, the short answer is simply that it is a fake-out and that what the show is slowly teaching the audience is a build-up to where Kamala will be seen next: The Marvels.

Ms Marvel Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan and Nimra Bucha as Najma using powers

Since Kamala Khan is one of the title characters of the film along with Carol Danvers and Monica Rambeau, it’s only logical that the Kree could appear in Ms. Marvel to help set up her eventual team up with her fellow Marvels. After all, the alien race plays a major role in the first Captain Marvel film. This connection, along with the impending show Secret Invasion (which could potentially feature the Kree as well), means that Ms. Marvel is likely to head in the direction of revealing more about the alien species. It’s also worth remembering that The Marvels is going to be not just a sequel to Captain Marvel but also a continuation of Ms. Marvel.

Nothing is confirmed, but with Ms. Marvel‘s potential connections to the Kree so far, it would make sense to have them play a role in the show. There’s also the fact that Kamala needs to know something about the Kree prior to the events of The Marvels. An appearance by the alien race would go a long way in helping her prepare for the next phase of her MCU journey.

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