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Lucifer: The 11 Best Characters, Ranked

Based on DC Comics, Lucifer became a Netflix Original after FOX ordered its cancellation when the third season came to an end.

Lucifer Morningstar, played with devilish charm by Tom Ellis, is residing in Los Angeles after getting bored by continuously tormenting souls and he somehow lands a consultant job with the Los Angeles Police Department. There are a lot of layered characters in the show and while some stand out, others fail to hit the mark.

Updated on July 4, 2022 by Amanda Bruce: Though Lucifer ended its run after Netflix picked it up for three more seasons, fans can still relive the show on the streaming platform. It remains a popular choice, as all of the characters ⁠— whether human, demon, or angel ⁠— have interesting character arcs in which the audience can see real growth.


11 Trixie

Unless a television series is aimed at all ages, it’s often hard for writers to balance a young child with a cast of adults, but Lucifer manages to do it very well. Trixie is precocious and often ends up in the middle of dangerous situations, but the series doesn’t shoehorn her into storylines just for the sake of having a cute kid.

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Part of what makes Trixie one of the best characters in the show is how quickly she befriends someone who is initially as violent and dark as Mazikeen. The friendship between the two, and Trixie’s tendency to see the best in Lucifer, make her a fun addition.

10 Eve

At the center of some of Lucifer season 4’s best episodes, Eve returns to Earth in order to find her first true love, Lucifer, and be with him. She is a woman who likes adventures and finds most things boring because of the way she has lived her whole life.

While she doesn’t want to do anything bad, Eve’s obsession with Lucifer makes the fans absolutely despise her in her early appearances. Although she is a human, Eve hasn’t lived much, which is easy to tell based on the narrowness with which she views the world. It takes her leaving to find herself before the fans could really appreciate her addition to the series.

9 Marcus

Introduced in season 3, Marcus Pierce was the main antagonist of the show for quite a while. At first, he comes into the lives of the other characters as the Lieutenant of the LAPD; however, later on, he is revealed to be Cain, who was the first murderer in the world. Marcus has been cursed with immortality and he’s become a kind of super-criminal called The Sinnerman. He is quite loathsome, to say the least.

While he’s a great character to watch as an antagonist as he attempts to manipulate Lucifer (who could, on occasion, be a good guy) and really manipulates Chloe, Marcus is not a fan favorite because he’s such a great villain. No one wants to see him hurt the main characters, and Cain’s machinations cause them both a lot of pain.

8 Linda

Lucifer’s therapist, Linda, comes across as a side character when first introduced. But she soon became one of the central characters in the story, especially after her relationship with Amenadiel progresses.

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Her interactions with Maze and Amenadiel are absolutely brilliant to watch. Add her ability to make new revelations about Lucifer, and there’s a lovable character without whom the show cannot be imagined. It’s Linda’s insights that allow Maze to start identifying with humans, Amenadiel to realize how great Earth really is, and allow Lucifer to work through a multitude of issues.

7 Ella

Ella in her police lab in Lucifer

The forensic expert of the LAPD, Ella a character who believes in God with all her might, though she does go through a rough patch concerning her faith. She not only talks to him like he is with her, but she also considers him her friend. This helps her see things clearly.

Aside from that, Ella is a fun-loving woman who can be quite funny at times, especially with her antics. She is absolutely brilliant at her job, and even though it feels like she doesn’t take things seriously, she can crack a case wide open thanks to her raw intelligence.

6 Dan

Chloe’s ex-husband Dan is a very complex person, to say the least. Even though he is a man of honor, who usually wants to do good for other people, he has a darkness inside of him that is released only during battle. The series makes it clear how different his path could have been.

It’s as if every now and then, Dan needs something to blow off steam. He never really owns up to his problems, but instead prefers to blame them on someone else. His hateful relationship with Lucifer is a prime example. But the fact that Dan continues to evolve and try to be a better person keeps the audience from hating him.

5 Goddess And Charlotte

Dan Espinosa and Charlotte Richards in Lucifer

The audience actually meets the Goddess of all creation before they meet Charlotte as the former is using the latter’s body in season 2. It’s hard to separate the two characters because they are incredibly similar in their motivations and their actions in the series. Goddess is the mother of Lucifer and quite possessive at that. She wants her family back and she’s willing to do anything for it. She was ready to kill Chloe just to make Lucifer leave Earth.

After season 2, when Goddess leaves Earth, the original Charlotte Richards forms a romantic relationship with Dan, and she struggles with the idea of Heaven and Hell being real places. Charlotte, like Goddess, is willing to do just about anything to get what she wants, but she decides to try to make the world a better place, completely changing her job, and working through the mess of her life that Goddess left behind.

4 Amenadiel

Amenadiel, the son of God, first came to Earth just to drag his brother Lucifer to Hell. However, soon, he realized exactly what the devil saw in human beings. They are not only interesting creatures made by his dad, but they also have lots of different feelings, which, seemingly, grow on him.

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Amenadiel forms meaningful relationships with Maze and Linda before deciding to stay on Earth after learning he is about to become a dad. His struggle to reconcile his relationship with his own father with his desire to live among the humans is a fascinating one.

3 Mazikeen

One of the demons from Hell, Mazikeen is one of the celestial creatures who hated visiting Earth but as time went on, she made a couple of friends and realized that she belonged there. Maze’s friendship with Chloe and Dan’s daughter, Trixie, is one of the cutest things about the series.

Maze develops strong bonds with Linda, Chloe, and Ella over the course of the show, which is a great aspect of the series as female friendship is something that can be glossed over in crime procedurals. Beyond her character arc, Maze is fun to watch as she becomes a bounty hunter and constantly apprehends bad guys that no one else wants to go after. If that’s not enough, Maze has some of the best outfits in Lucifer.

2 Chloe

Chloe Decker in Lucifer

The detective who makes the devil from Hell vulnerable, Chloe is not only brilliant at her job, but she is also quite good at being a friend and a parent.

But for a woman with such strong intelligence, Chloe seems to fumble her mark when it comes to Lucifer. Although she acts like she doesn’t need him by her side, deep down, Chloe knows that she simply cannot do without him. She’s a woman of contradictions, but she always tries to be upfront about them, which means there is a lot of talking about how things make her feel, and working through difficult dynamics. That makes the show fresh compared to other TV dramas that allow frequent miscommunication to feed conflict.

1 Lucifer

The heart and soul of the show, Lucifer Morningstar is funny, charismatic, lovable, and quite cocky. But the last trait is understandable really because, after all, he is the devil. His hubris is his flaw, and it only makes him more human as he learns that not everything can be about him.

Throughout the series, Lucifer has been able to make every LAPD case about himself and that’s where most of the humor of the show comes from. He discovers new things about himself and while he usually lives in denial, he is an absolute sweetheart. There’s something endearing about the devil not actually being evil.

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