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Why Welcome To Plathville Fans Are Cynical About Lydia’s Prayer Closet

Welcome to Plathville star Lydia Plath’s prayer closet is raising eyebrows. Find out why it gets so many strong reactions from her fans.

Lydia Plath from Welcome to Plathville has recently been getting criticism from fans. From her singing to her strange relationship with her sister’s ex-boyfriend, Max Kallschmidt, her life has been under scrutiny. Now, her knowledge and education are being called into question.

Lydia and her siblings have been home-schooled, which viewers were highly critical of when they found out that their education wasn’t accredited. Higher learning has never been a priority for Kim and Barry Plath, as they believe that more is learned through life experience than by sitting at a desk. Many fans found this outlook to be hypocritical, as Kim and Barry both had the opportunity to attend college. Since the start of Welcome to Plathville season 4, that way of thinking has become even more pronounced. They have left the responsibility of teaching the youngest kids up to Lydia, a task that most people didn’t feel she should have to take on.


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The quality of her home-school education may be lacking, even more than anyone realized. Lydia’s prayer closet has left many fans surprised and perplexed, but not for the reasons one might assume. Fans took to Reddit to discuss why they took issue with Lydia’s refuge from the chaos. Useful_Database7031 started the thread, writing, “The sign on Lydia’s prayer closet. It’s really sad she’s been let down so much by her parents and education.” The sign that Lydia has on the door of her prayer closet reads: PlEASE DO NOT DISTERB. Thanks Alot! -Yiya. Some fans felt that this was a prime example of the lack of education the Plath children are receiving. In the same thread, gerkonnerknocken wrote, “People who don’t get birth certificates for their kids also don’t care to make sure they can function in the world on any level.” 

ydia plath black and white pic IG Welcome to Plathville CROPPED

Other fans pointed out that it looked like it was written by a child, possibly Lydia’s younger siblings, or even Lydia herself, a long time ago. Comfortable-Leek-224 said, “I figured she made it when she was younger and thought it was cute so kept up with it. Yiya was probably what they called her when they were young and couldn’t say her name.” It’s hard to know exactly what the Plath kids’ home-school curriculum consists of, but it is most likely missing a lot of necessary information. The kids will be required to obtain their GEDs if they wish to further their education in college, or even apply to particular jobs, since they didn’t receive diplomas. Now that Kim is out the door, and Lydia is responsible for her younger siblings’ lesson plans, many fans feel that they are going to be even further behind their peers, and at a big disadvantage.

Unfortunately, the Plath kids have had to bear the consequences of their parents’ choices on Welcome to Plathville. Now that Kim and Barry’s marriage is officially over, it will undoubtedly affect their lives going forward. It’s unknown what the family dynamic will look like, but fans are hoping that there will be a positive outcome for Lydia and her siblings, which allows them to break free of their parents’ outdated notions.

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