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Wordle 380: July 4, 2022 Hints & Answer

July 4th’s Wordle Answer is slightly hard to guess as it features a repeating letter. However, some hints might help players guess the correct answer.

July 4th’s Wordle answer could be a bit tricky to solve as today’s solution features a repeating letter that might throw some players off. Unfortunately, Wordle doesn’t offer any additional hints for letters that appear again in the solution, making it slightly more challenging to guess the answer in less than six attempts. In addition, Wordle doesn’t offer any more hints other than the visual color changes, which can leave players stuck in solving the brain teaser, especially if it has the potential to have many outcomes. However, to solve today’s Wordle answer, some contextual hints might help players guess the solution with fewer attempts. 


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If players are struggling with today’s Wordle answer, they can try their hand at Wordle’s hard mode. This harder mode forces players to solve the puzzle using stricter rules that can sometimes help them guess obscure words. This mode forces players to use previously discovered letters in the same spot, making it easier to think about words that fit the criteria. However, for players who just want to solve the puzzle using hints, here are some clues that might help them. 

Today’s Wordle Hints (July 4th #380)

Wordle is a beloved web puzzle

Many puzzle players like to get hints before using all of their attempts. The below hints will point Wordle players in the right direction and help them maintain their daily streak. These clues are somewhat similar to crossword puzzle hints that might help in solving July 4th’s Wordle answer:

  • Hint 1: To break off something completely 
  • Hint 2: Cut or cleave
  • Hint 3: Split apart

Once players are done guessing today’s Wordle answer, they can share their progress on social media without giving away the answer. This can be done by clicking on the “Share” button, which will copy color-box emojis to the clipboard. These emojis can then be posted on any social media platform such as Facebook or Twitter. What’s neat is that other Wordle players can understand these emojis without having the answer spoiled. 

Today’s Wordle Answer (July 4th #380)

The July 4th Wordle answer is SEVER.

When trying to guess today’s Wordle answer, we first used the word ‘SCORE,’ which revealed the correct position of one letter and the incorrect spots of two other letters. Next, we used the word ‘STERN,’ which did not indicate the correct position of any more letters from today’s Wordle answer. Then, we used ‘SEEKS,’ which showed that today’s Wordle answer has a repeating letter, i.e., ‘E.’ Then we used the word ‘SEWER,’ which revealed the correct spots for four letters from today’s Wordle answer. Finally, knowing the correct position of four letters from today’s solution, we luckily guessed the word SEVER for today’s Wordle answer.

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