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Henry Cavill As Wolverine Looks Like A Horror Movie Villain

Superman actor Henry Cavill becomes the Marvel mutant Wolverine in new AI art, but looks like a horror movie villain instead of a superhero.

New AI art imagines Superman actor Henry Cavill as the Marvel mutant Wolverine, but the result looks more like a horror movie villain. For several decades, the X-Men have been some of the most beloved Marvel characters in the franchise’s history. Whether in the comics or on the big screen, the X-Men continue to be some of Marvel’s most popular heroes and villains. When it comes to live-action, 21st Century Fox brought the Mutants to life in the early 2000s, which became known as Fox’s X-Men cinematic universe.

Throughout Fox’s run with the X-Men, the studio brought several iconic characters to life. From heroes like Professor X, Jean Grey, and Cyclops, to complex foes like Magneto, Mystique, and more, the X-Men cinematic universe was never short on Mutants. However, the Mutant who had the longest time in the franchise was Logan, aka Wolverine, with Hugh Jackman portraying the complicated but beloved X-Men hero. Not only did Jackman appear in six X-Men films, but the Australian star also had his own trilogy, which finished with Logan in 2017. Now that Disney has acquired 21st Century Fox, the X-Men will finally be getting their due in the MCU, as Marvel president Kevin Feige teasing that the Mutants will be introduced. Since Jackman’s time as Wolverine is at an end, it’s only a matter of time before a new actor is chosen to bring Logan to life in the MCU.


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While Wolverine fan-casting is rife online, new art made with Dall-E has generated what Cavill would look like as Wolverine, but with a twist. Rather than show what he would look like as the regular Logan, the art made the British actor appear as a horror movie villain-inspired version of the character. The AI art distorts Cavill’s face into a creepy, ghost-like appearance. Check it out below:

Henry Cavill As A Horror Movie Villain Version of Wolverine

While this AI art may be an unusual version of Cavill’s Wolverine, it is by no means the first time the actor has been imagined in the Mutant role. Cavill has been attached to the superhero genre since 2013 when he brought Superman back to the big screen in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. The film was the start of Warner Bros.’s DCEU, with Cavill going on to star as the iconic DC hero in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. While Cavill has expressed interest in returning to the DCEU as Superman, Warner Bros. has so far not indicated where the studio is going with the character cinematically. If Warner Bros. doesn’t bring Cavill’s Man of Steel back in the next few years, there is a chance that the actor could be snatched up by Marvel as the MCU’s Wolverine, with many fans already citing him as a suitable replacement for Jackman.

Whether or not Cavill is tapped as Wolverine, Logan is a huge role for Marvel to fill when the MCU explores the X-Men. While some of Jackman’s X-Men movies received mixed reviews, his performance has always been heavily praised. With Jackman being synonymous with Wolverine to many, re-casting the role is a significant challenge given the reputation the next actor would have to live up to. However, while it would likely never happen, this bizarre new AI art of Cavill as a horror-inspired Wolverine would certainly be an interesting way for Marvel Studios to take the character in a new direction.

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Source: Dall-E

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