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Disgaea 6 Complete: How to Unlock Unique Characters

Disgaea 6 Complete has 21 Unique Characters that can be unlocked through DLC Content, progressing the story, or completing postgame challenges.

There are 21 Unique Characters that can be unlocked while progressing in Disgaea 6 Complete. Unique characters have special classes that aren’t available with Generic Characters. The Unique Characters also have different abilities that can make them more powerful than the regular classes. Players will start with one Unique Character already unlocked, but the rest will require certain challenges or sections of the main story to be completed.

Unique Characters will be unlocked in specific story episodes, by clearing postgame stages, or by accessing the DLC Content. Most of the Unique Characters are included in the DLC, which is unlocked automatically with the complete version of the game. The DLC Content can be accessed in the Fourth-Dimensional Netherworld, and it’s located near the Juice Bar in Disgaea 6 Complete.


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Completing the story will result in six Unique Characters being unlocked. Three more Unique Characters can be unlocked after passing the “Accept an Overlord’s Challenge!” bill in the Dark Assembly, and it will cost 50,000 Mana. Passing the bill will allow players to complete eight stages for this challenge and unlock three more Unique Characters. The rest of the available Unique Characters are part of the DLC for Disgaea 6.

Every Unique Character’s Unlock Requirements In Disgaea 6 Complete

Disgaea 6 Complete How to Unlock Unique Characters DLC Content

Unique Characters can be unlocked through the main story, in postgame content, or by accessing the DLC Content in the Fourth-Dimensional Netherworld. The complete version of the game comes with the DLC already unlocked, so players will just need to complete each character’s associated activity to unlock them. There are 21 Unique Characters to unlock throughout Disgaea 6 Complete.

  • Zed: Automatically unlocked at the start of the game
  • Misedor: Unlocked in Episode 2
  • Melodia: Unlocked in Episode 3
  • Piyori: Unlocked in Episode 4
  • Overlord Ivar: Unlocked in Act 2, Episode 1
  • Beiko: Unlocked in Act 2, Episode 3
  • Laharl: Unlocked by passing the “Accept an Overlord’s Challenge!” bill and clearing all eight stages
  • Etna: Unlocked by passing the”Accept an Overlord’s Challenge!” bill and clearing all eight stages
  • Flonne: Unlocked by passing the “Accept an Overlord’s Challenge!” bill and clearing all eight stages
  • Adell (DLC): Unlocked by completing Final Battlefield
  • Rozalin (DLC): Unlocked by completing Zenon’s Dead Dreams
  • Girl Laharl (DLC): Unlocked by completing Overlord’s Recital
  • Asagi (DLC): Unlocked by completing Root of Reincarnation
  • Mao (DLC): Unlocked by completing Pursuit of Truth
  • Raspberyl (DLC): Unlocked in Disgaea 6 Complete by completing Backache Relief Room
  • Valvatorez (DLC): Unlocked by completing Re-Education Camp
  • Pleinair (DLC): Unlocked by completing Prinny World Frontier
  • Fuka (DLC): Unlocked by completing World Domination
  • Desco (DLC): Unlocked by completing Final Boss-to-Be
  • Killia (DLC): Unlocked by completing Culinary Overlord
  • Usalia (DLC): Unlocked by completing Sweet Curry Supreme

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Disgaea 6 Complete is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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