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Pedro Jimeno Files For Divorce From Wife Chantel

Pedro and Chantel Jimeno are in a tense place during The Family Chantel season 4, and his divorce filing proves their marital drama was not scripted.

Chantel and Pedro Jimeno left The Family Chantel season 4 viewers wondering if their divorce drama was real or scripted, but news that Pedro has officially filed for divorce has caused viewers to realize their tension has been real all along. Chantel and Pedro have each refrained from posting each other on social media for a year and a half, while Chantel has also been pictured without her wedding ring lately. It appears that Chantel and Pedro’s marriage truly is ending in a divorce given the recent revelation about Pedro’s shocking court proceedings.

Many viewers are skeptical of the marital problems 90 Day Fiancé couple Chantel and Pedro present on The Family Chantel season 4 after learning that Pedro lied during season 3 and actually knew about his half-siblings for close to a decade. Chantel and Pedro have been in a tense situation during season 4 that sees Chantel putting in an effort to work long nursing shifts and still come home to cook, clean and spend time with her husband of five years. However, Pedro shows zero interest in spending time with his wife. Instead, he has been cold, cruel and distant. He comes home late and calls Chantel names when they are together. Pedro even admitted to not wanting to be around his wife.


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Reddit user AtomicDoggett uncovered that The Family Chantel’s Pedro had, in fact, filed for divorce. This news has since spread across social media. ET obtained court documents that confirm the fan news. Pedro filed for divorce on May 27, while both Pedro and Chantel filed for restraining orders against each other as well. While the tension between Chantel and Pedro has been on full display, the news that both of them filed for a restraining order left some fans stunned. Some users questioned if Pedro was filing for a restraining order due to Chantel’s erratic mother, Karen Everett, who is known to act out when she feels threatened. Meanwhile, others questioned what Pedro did to end the marriage.

Pedro and Chantel Jimeno 90 Day Fiancé The Family Chantel

Many commenters in the Reddit thread were surprised that Chantel and Pedro hadn’t been acting out their drama, though some thought that Pedro’s cruel and disinterested behavior came across as entirely authentic. “This is wild. I literally couldn’t pay attention this season cos it seemed so fake. Gonna be watching like a hawk next episode,” BazF91 wrote. “I know everybody was saying that it seems super fake this season but I actually start for the very first time that they were not acting,” Planetlilmayo shared. “No one wants to admit it but he was cheating. The way he was treating Chantel this season was unacceptable,” trac08 wrote on Reddit.

Though viewers don’t yet know why Pedro filed for divorce from Chantel, many are sticking to the rumor that he allegedly cheated on the Atlanta beauty. Pedro has been accused of cheating in the past with his sister’s best friend Coraima Morla. Meanwhile, he has gotten very close to his co-worker Antonella. Pedro made it clear on The Family Chantel that he is over Chantel and their marriage. Therefore, many Family Chantel fans wouldn’t be surprised if he resorted to cheating on his wife of over five years. However, this has yet to be confirmed.

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The Family Chantel airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EDT on TLC.

Sources: ET, AtomicDoggett/Reddit

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