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Apex Legends Mobile is getting a new legend named Rhapsody next week

Apex Legends recently arrived on mobile phones and in a very short span of time, it climbed to sit among the top downloaded games on both Android and iOS. Respawn Entertainment, the game’s publisher, announced that the game made around $4.8 million in just the first week of release. That is partly because of the regular updates and the features that tag along. The developers have now announced a new map and a new legend is soon coming to Apex Legends Mobile. Also Read – Subway Surfers to Apex Legends Mobile: Top 5 most downloaded mobile games worldwide

Apex Legends Mobile map

In its recently posted Distortion Launch trailer, Apex Legends Mobile developers teased the upcoming season called Desolate. It features a new map dubbed Pythas Block 0, which essentially is a cyberpunk-themed city ruled by a tech conglomerate that goes by Pythas. The map has an ominous feel to it, which could give you an upper hand over enemies as hiding would become much easier. But at the same time, since the nighttime setting will make spotting slightly more difficult, enemies can benefit. The map has different land types and terrains that will make navigating it more interesting, while gunfights will become more fun with places to seek cover will be in abundance. Also Read – Apex Legends Mobile emerges as most downloaded game on Apple’s App Store in 60 countries including India

Apex Legends Mobile character

Debuting with this season is a new legend called Rhapsody. She is a DJ by profession who is from Pythas Block 0. Rhapsody has a robot sidekick known as Rowdy that helps her project a large one-way vision barrier. The barrier stops enemies from seeing the other side while letting Rhapsody clearly see what is in front of her. Rowdy can also finish enemies with an attack that uses sound energy. The trailer, however, does not confirm if Rhapsody’s teammates could use some of Rowdy’s help or if they would be able to see through the barrier, as well. Also Read – Apex Legends Mobile game launch date revealed: Pre-register to get rewards

Developers have confirmed the new season is coming to Apex Legends Mobile on July 15. Players will also be able to buy the new season pass, as well as new Legend skins, outfits, emotes, and trackers among others.

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