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Every Asgardian Weapon Confirmed In The MCU

Warning! Thor: Love and Thunder spoilers ahead.

Thor: Love and Thunder restores the significance of Thor’s arsenal – here are all Asgardian weapons confirmed in the MCU so far. In Loki, it was revealed that variants may wield alternate versions of familiar Asgardian armaments, with another version of Mjolnir in play thanks to Boastful Loki, and Thor: Love and Thunder revived Earth-616’s original Mjolnir. Thor’s power and identity are strongly connected to Mjolnir, and it’s this connection that all Asgardian warriors share with their weapon of choice.

Most Asgardian weapons are forged from Uru, a metal so strong that the only way to melt it down is with the power and heat of a star. Across the galaxy, only one race is confirmed to be able to forge weapons from Uru: the dwarves of Nidavellir. In the primary timeline, Thanos destroyed the MCU’s dwarves during Avengers: Infinity War in an effort to ensure their knowledge was lost. Eitri, King of Nidavellir, was the sole survivor of the attack and could presumably help the Asgardians forge additional weapons. With only one dwarf remaining and their forge crippled, however, it’s unlikely.


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All Asgardian weapons are rare, with only five having been confirmed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far. Despite their durability, a couple have also been destroyed by super-powerful villains, including Hela. The remaining weapons are protected by their users and unlikely to be stolen or damaged without some sort of cosmic battle. It’s not yet confirmed whether Sylvie’s short sword in Loki is an Asgardian weapon, although it resembles some others and is etched with runes that may be of Asgard. Above all else, all Asgardian weapons are powerful, magical, and often have a long history. Here’s a comprehensive list of every Asgardian weapon currently known in the MCU.


Thor ragnarok Loki Gungir

Gungnir, a spear made of Uru, was the symbol of the Asgardian throne. Wielded by Odin and briefly by Loki and Thor, it represented the power and authority given to the king of Asgard. By wielding Gungnir, the user could also assume control of the Destroyer, an enchanted Asgardian automaton that was used to guard Odin’s vault. The spear also seems to be able to channel different forms of energy depending on the capabilities and will of its user. Using the spear, Odin exiled Thor to Earth and, later, transformed the bodies of dead Asgardians into mist during a royal funeral ceremony. The spear was also able to open and close the Bifrost.

The spear carries several enchantments that seem to magnify its power. As a melee weapon, it’s forceful enough to knock Thor through a wall and knock Hela back a step. The spear was also imbued with a form of mystical power that allows its user to fire off energy blasts. Gungnir was almost certainly destroyed during Ragnarok when Surtur obliterated Asgard. Thor used it briefly during his fight with Hela before dropping it in favor of calling his lightning, and the current whereabouts of the spear are unknown.


Thor Love and Thunder Trailer jane foster mighty thor natalie portman

Since the MCU’s inception, Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer, has been one of the most renowned weapons in the galaxy. Per Odin, “whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” Many have tried to lift the hammer with no success, including Loki, the Hulk, Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Quicksilver. To date, the only three people capable of wielding the hammer other than Thor are Dr. Jane Foster, Captain America, and Vision. Vision lifted the hammer during Avengers: Age of Ultron, gaining the trust of the Avengers, while Captain America took up the hammer during the final battle with Thanos in Avengers: Endgame. The hammer was briefly removed from its primary reality during Endgame‘s time heist to be used against Thanos but was eventually returned to its proper place on Asgard by Steve Rogers. Thereafter, it was destroyed by Hela during Thor: Ragnarok. 

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Like Gugnir (and almost all Asgardian weapons), the hammer is made out of Uru and capable of enormous force. It was able to send the Hulk and Thanos flying. The hammer always returned to Thor whenever he threw it, obliterating any obstacles in its path and even traveling through realms. When spun, it could generate enough energy to lift Thor off the ground, enabling flight. Mjolnir was also capable of generating lighting on its own, as shown by Steve Rogers’ use of Mjolnir in the Endgame battle. Thor also used it to summon elemental forces such as lighting, wind, and rain, but eventually discovered he didn’t need the hammer to use that power.

In Thor: Love and Thunder, Mjolnir is seen on exhibit in New Asgard when Dr. Jane Foster seeks it to heal her advanced cancer. The pieces start reactivating and reform, having been asked by Thor to protect her while they were together, and Jane inherits the full power of Thor. Jane’s reconstituted Mjolnir has an even more impressive quality than it did in Thor’s hands: due to its prior damage, it can splinter off in all directions and take out multiple enemies at once, also allowing it to trap and destroy fragments of the Gorr the God Butcher’s Necrosword. The hammer also completely blocks the effects of Jane Foster’s cancer, bestowing the same invulnerability as Thor but reducing her body’s ability to fight the cancer while she’s not holding the hammer. Mjolnir became central to Thor again in Love and Thunder, and he’s wielding it again after handing Stormbreaker off to his new companion, Love – the daughter Gorr (Christian Bale) trades his life for.


After Mjolnir was destroyed, Thor traveled to Nidavellir to get the dwarves’ help to forge a new weapon, Stormbreaker. The large Uru ax is destined to be the greatest weapon in Asgard’s history and capable of summoning the Bifrost. With Eitri’s help, Thor was able to forge the ax-head for Stormbreaker in Avengers: Infinity War. The weapon was finished off with a handle made from one of Groot’s own arms. Thor used Stormbreaker in the battle against Thanos and it was one of the only weapons shown to be able to injure the Titan. In addition to enhancing Thor’s lightning powers, the ax can block and disperse energy blasts from the Infinity Stones. It’s even more durable than Mjolnir and allows Thor to fly effortlessly.

Stormbreaker has another more sinister purpose in Thor: Love and Thunder. Once Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale) obtains it in battle, he combines its power with that of his own sword, All-Black the Necrosword, which unlocks the door to Eternity. In doing so, Stormbreaker inadvertently puts every god in existence at risk, as Eternity would grant Gorr’s desires – exterminating all of them. However, Stormbreaker certainly seems committed to its own god, floating into frame jealously every time Thor so much as looks at Mjolnir. Thor 4‘s Stormbreaker has a personality.

The Other Mjolnir (Boastful Loki’s version)

Loki episode 4 new variants post credits scene

In addition to introducing four new Loki variants, the post-credits scene of Loki episode 4 introduced a new Asgardian weapon. Deobia Oparei’s character, listed in the credits as “Boastful Loki,” appears to wield a version of Mjolnir very different from the weapon MCU fans are familiar with. With a wrench-like handle and gold-colored steel beam as the head, Boastful Loki’s version of the Mjolnir hammer seems more practical than Thor’s royal weapon. Unlike Mjolnir, which is beautiful as well as deadly, this version of the hammer has an industrial look, like it might have been crafted on the battlefield.

Wielded by one of Loki’s variants, it’s unlikely this version of Mjolnir has a “worthiness” clause. Or, if it was designed specifically for Loki, perhaps the weapon has different standards of worthiness, suited to a God of Mischief. The weapon could also take its origin from the Marvel comics. At one point, when Odin replaced Thor with Red Norvell, he also replaced Mjolnir with a copy known as Crusher. Boastful Loki’s weapon could also be a copy of Mjolnir, capable of the same powers.

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