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The Best Geo Characters to Build in Genshin Impact

With the expectations of a new Geo meta in Genshin Impact, players may want to start building new Geo units. Here are the best Geo units to invest it.

With the growing expectations of a new Geo meta in Genshin Impact, players may be wondering which Geo characters are the best to invest in. The new canine warrior Gorou is coming with abilities that allow the strength of the team to scale depending on how many Geo members are in the party. The increasing amount of Geo characters being added to the game means players may want to try building more of their Geo units.

Geo characters are often great choices for providing defense and attack to a team, with consistent support and Sub-DPS capabilities. As of now, there are currently eight Geo units in Genshin Impact. This includes Noelle, Ningguang, Gorou, Yun Jin, Albedo, Arataki Itto, Zhongli, and the Geo Traveller. When Genshin Impact players choose their team, they can pick Geo characters for passive buffs and other advantages they can gain in battles. However, choosing the best Geo Character in Genshin Impact can be confusing as it involves picking from eight valuable candidates. 


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Zhongli is one of the best Geo characters in Genshin Impact, and possibly one of the strongest Support and Sup-DPS units in general. Zhongli’s Elemental Skill creates a construct that deals a burst of AoE Geo DMG, and creates a shield for the player that scales off of his Max HP. This construct also drains Geo from enemies, destroying enemy shields with ease. His Elemental Burst summons a meteor that crashes onto the battlefield, dealing enormous Geo DMG and freezing all enemies for a period of time.

Which Geo Characters Players Should Invest Into in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Arataki Itto Elemental Burst

Zhongli has both massive damage capabilities and the strongest shield in Genshin Impact, meaning players who have Zhongli will often be able to avoid taking damage in fights altogether. It’s no question that any player who has Zhongli should fully invest in him. However, for players who don’t have Zhongli, Noelle can serve as a free-to-play substitution.

Noelle is the other Geo support unit whose Elemental Skill grants the party with a Geo shield. When Noelle has her shield up, dealing damage with her heals the entire party, and this healing scales off of her Defense. Her Elemental Burst converts all her damage into Geo DMG, and massively extends the reach of her sword to deal easy damage and heal up the party fast.

For Genshin Impact players looking for a Geo Main DPS, they may want to pull for Arataki Itto. Itto gains strength stacks when he hits his 2nd and 4th auto-attack, as well as when he uses his Elemental Skill (which summons a bull that deals Geo DMG on the field, and taunts). These stacks increase Itto’s DMG significantly and increase his resistance to interruption. His Elemental Burst converts all his damage into Geo DMG, and increases his ATK and ATK speed. Itto is a Geo unit meant to remain on the field, making him one of the few Geo Main DPS in the game as of now. For players looking for a free-to-play Geo Main DPS, Ningguang’s kit also focuses on her being on the field to deal Geo DMG and Crystallize reactions.

As a 5-Star unit in Genshin Impact, Albedo is obviously a fantastic choice to invest in if players have him. He functions as a Sub-DPS unit that helps the team by dealing Geo DMG, and enabling Geo reactions. However, for players looking to build a team of Geo users, they’ll have to make sure they’re pulling for Gorou. This upcoming 4-Star support uses his Elemental Skill to grant the team with various strong buffs depending on how many Geo users are in the party, meaning he will likely be an indispensable support for players who want to use strong Geo characters together like Itto and Zhongli.

Finally, Ningguang is an excellent 4-star unit that Genshin Impact players can utilize in numerous ways. She has the ability to shoot gems that deal massive Geo damage, especially when using her charged attack. Ningguang can also generate a shield wall that can block projectiles from most enemies. What’s neat is that her shield can last for a long duration as it directly depends on her maximum HP.

Finally, Ningguang’s Starshatter elemental attack can deal massive amounts of Geo damage as crystal projectiles from this attack explodes on impact. In addition, when Starshatter is used with Jade Screen, Ningguang will hurl additional crystals from the screen. To put things into perspective, Ningguang’s Attack stats Starts At 18-46 and maxes At 198-212.

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Genshin Impact is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, iOS, Android, and PC.

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