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Stranger Things & TLOU Art Makes Ellie An Eddie Munson Fan

The Last Of Us fanart gives the main protagonist Ellie an outfit based on the fan-favorite and iconic Stranger Things 4 hero Eddie Munson.

A fan-made 3D render featuring The Last Of Us‘ main character Ellie Williams gives her a make-over completely inspired by the beloved Stranger Things supporting protagonist Eddie Munson. Both franchises are skyrocketing in popularity once again after repeated success over the years, and given their shared horror themes, a crossover like this makes sense.

The first part of The Last Of Us was released way back in 2013 with a heartwrenching story and intense gameplay, and Part II launched in 2020 with an equally immersive story. Fans and critics alike frequently credit TLOU for its mark on video game history and many are excited for the upcoming The Last Of Us Remake that could launch as soon as later this year. The remake has seemingly revived the franchise for some, with fans turning to social media to recall their favorite characters and storylines with clips, screenshots, and fan art based on TLOU.


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A talented TLOU fan and 3D artist has created an amazing render of the iconic main character Ellie with an interesting and unexpected twist. DoomsdayDave3D recently posted images of an Ellie render featuring an outfit based on Stranger Things 4 hero Eddie Munson. From the guitar to the leather jacket and t-shirt both brandishing the Hellfire Club logo, it seems as though Ellie Williams has turned into an Eddie fan. The images also cleverly include the title “The Last Of Us” in the iconic Stranger Things font and are captioned with lyrics from Metallica’s Master of Puppets – the song that Eddie shreds in ST‘s finale.

A crossover between The Last Of Us and Stranger Things is surprising but welcomed, and due to lovable characters and stories that hit close to home, it’s no wonder that fans could connect the two. Ellie and Eddie are similar characters as well, and both experience development through intense and tragic events. Stranger Things 4-based fan-made content in video games has been created and shared a lot lately, including works like The Wheelers’ house in Sims 4. Contracts between Netflix’s extremely popular series and some game developers are rumored to be renewed soon as well, so fans may be seeing The Upside Down or Eddie Munson appearing in other video game contexts as well – and not just fan-created ones.

The Last Of Us Part I and Part II connected with and inspired many fans throughout the years, with the first part in particular being a very impressive addition to the PS3 lineup. The remake on PS5 is expected to be even more visually impressive due to upgraded graphics, and rumors of Part III have been circulating for a while. Fans are also anticipating The Last Of Us’ transition to the television screen in 2023, starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey as TLOU‘s main duo. It’ll be interesting to see what’s next for The Last Of Us franchise as it continues to maintain its impressive level of popularity.

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Source: DoomsdayDave3D/Twitter

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