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10 Most Emotional Quotes From Stranger Things Season 4, Vol. 2

After years of teaser trailers and a month and a half hiatus between Volume 1 and Volume 2, the Duffer Brothers finally delivered on their promise of creating the biggest, darkest season of Stranger Things ever. The volume one drop already had fans reeling with their emotions watching fan-favorite characters battle danger and deliver emotional monologues and volume 2 followed a similar tone.

While the season ended on some major cliffhangers like the fact that the Upside Down is now bleeding into the real world and Vecna’s fate not being known, fans will have at least a year to speculate on theories as the Duffer Brothers and their team gets to writing the fifth and final season. In the meantime, fans can turn their brains off and revisit some of the most emotional moments of the final two episodes of the penultimate season.


Eddie’s Advice To Dustin

“Don’t Ever Change Dustin Henderson.”

Stranger Things season 4 Dustin Eddie

With most of his friends in relationships with girls in Hawkins, Dustin Henderson has always been an odd man out of the party. It’s his constant being left out that led him to befriend Steve Harrington in season 2 and this season is no different as Dustin befriends Stranger Things newcomer Eddie Munson.

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Dustin and Eddie share a lot in common beginning with their love for Dungeons and Dragons and genuine interest in being overdramatic boys. It’s clear that Dustin thinks of Eddie as a role model and Eddie takes the job very seriously. This is especially true when Eddie stops wrestling with Dustin to remind him to never change who he is.

Max’s Unspoken Words To Lucas

“I’m Glad You’re Here.”

Max and Lucas Stranger Things Kate Bush Song

Max and Lucas have been through a lot this season, shocking fans during volume 1 when it was revealed that they were no longer dating. However, after surviving Vecna’s attack, Max begins to open back up to Lucas. Their healing reaches a climax in volume 2 when they’re sitting together in silence waiting for the signal to move on to phase 2 of their defeating Vecna plan.

It’s in the quiet of the “Murder House” that Max writes Lucas a note that says she’s happy he’s here with her. While the words aren’t spoken, the scene is one of the most emotional between these two since it’s the last time they interact with each other before Vecna gets a hold of Max again.

Robin Expresses Her Fears To Steve

“It Might Not Work Out For Us This Time.”

Robin talking to Steve outside the Winnebago in Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 2

Robin solidified herself as a character worthy of quotable heartwarming moments back in season 3 when she came out to Steve. Though she lacked emotional moments in Volume 1 she made up for it in Volume 2 when she pulls Steve aside to confide in him once again.

This time Robin opens up to Steve about her fears that they’re not going to be able to defeat Vecna and win this time. It’s a moment of vulnerability that foreshadows the impending doom for the gang and for the fans as the episode leads into the final one of the season.

El Telling Hopper She Never Lost Hope

“I Kept The Door Open Three Inches. I Never Stopped Beliving.”

El and Hopper hugging after being reunited in Stranger Things Season 4

It seems like the Duffer Brothers are making a tradition to end seasons with emotional moments between El and Hopper. Season 3 notably ended with the heartbreaking scene of El reading the speech Hopper had prepared to give her and Mike earlier in the season. Meanwhile, Volume 2 ends with Hopper and El reuniting.

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El immediately makes reference to Hopper’s speech telling him that she always kept the door open because he told her to and because she always had hope he would walk through it once again. The moment is made even more emotional since fans watch her keep the door open three inches a few moments before Hopper waltzes back into her life.

Lucas Pleading With Max In His Arms

“You’re Not Going To Die! Just Hang On!”

Lucas holding Max as she dies in the Void in Stranger Things Season 4

Lucas has always been one of the most underrated Stranger Things characters but that has certainly changed after watching Caleb McLaughlin’s performance in the final episode of Volume 2. After spending the entire season worrying about Max, he must confront his worse fears as he holds a dying Max in his arms.

The emotional quote comes moments after Max cries out to Lucas to help her because she doesn’t want to die. The entire scene is a gut punch for fans who have grown to love these two characters. It’s also the first time one of the characters has had to deal with one of their own dying in their arms.

Mike Confessing His Love For El

“I Love You On Your Good Days. I Love You On Your Bad Days. I Love You With Powers. I Love You Without Your Powers. I Love You For Exactly Who You Are. You Are My Superhero.”

Max holding El's hand and talking to her in Stranger Things Volume 2

One of the major subplots in Stranger Things season 4 revolves around Mike’s inability to speak his feelings to El. The issue is used to drive a wedge between them in Volume 1 and ultimately leads to their reunification in the penultimate episode of Volume 2. However, it’s clear that Mike is still holding back.

After El begins to convulse while mind fighting Vecna, Will encourages Mike to speak from the heart to save her and what follows is one of the most emotional moments in the finale. El is stuck in Vecna’s clutches but she can hear Mike pleading with her to keep fighting all the while telling her what she needed to hear the entire time — that he still loves her.

Jonathan Resassuring Will

“I’ll Always Be Here, No Matter What. Because You’re My Brother And I Love You. And There Is Nothing In This World, Absolutely Nothing, That Will Ever Change That.”

Will and Jonathan hugging at the pizza place in Stranger Things Volume 2

It’s been apparent since the very beginning that Will is not straight and fans have been waiting for the moment he addresses it onscreen. The moment came in volume 2 albeit in a much subtler way than fans had hoped. And while his initial coming-out scene wasn’t perfect, the conversation he has with his brother Jonathan after the fact makes up for it.

After listening to Will tiptoe around his feelings while comforting Mike, Jonathan pieces together what Will was really saying and subtly confronts him about it at the pizza shop in the final episode. There Jonathan reassures Will that nothing will ever stop him from loving him. It’s the heartfelt moment fans have been waiting for since season 1.

Dustin Grieves With Eddie’s Uncle

“He Isn’t Just Innocent, Mr. Munson. He’s A Hero.”

Dustin talking to Eddie's Uncle in Stranger Things Volume 2

Dustin’s had several memorable quotes over the years in Stranger Things but his character has never been given a truly emotional monologue until Volume 2. After holding Eddie in his arms as he succumbed to his injuries in the Upside Down, Dustin must return to Hawkins where everyone still thinks Eddie is a murderer.

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While volunteering Dustin spots Eddie’s uncle and pulls him aside to reassure Eddie’s uncle that Eddie is the man the town thinks he is. In a gutwrenching monologue, Dustin goes on to say that Eddie died a hero, saving the town which hated him. There’s an extra layer of emotion in the scene when Dustin calls him a hero because fans know Eddie didn’t think of himself as such.

El Saving Max

“No. You’re Not Going. No.”

El crying trying to save Max in The Void in Stranger Things

No one expected Max and El to be friends after El’s initial jealousy, but the girls forged a strong friendship in season 3. Despite being miles apart, it’s clear that El and Max are still great friends by El’s determination to help her defeat Vecna even though she’s across the country.

While the two share several emotional moments during their initial battle with Vecna, it’s the moment when Max is dying that fans truly see how much El cares for her. In the Void, El visits Max and cries over her body telling her she’s not dying before she presses a hand to the young girl’s heart. El’s seen a lot of people die in her time so seeing her so adamant to save Max is truly a testament to their friendship.

Hopper Reassuring Joyce, He’s Not Going Anywhere

“This Time, It’s Gonna Be Different.”

A large portion of Volume 2 takes place in Russia and follows Joyce, Hopper, and Murray who are trying desperately to help their kids defeat the Upside Down from another country when they realize that Russia’s Demogorgons are connected to the Upside Down. So, they devise a plan that’s eerily similar to the one in season 2 which leaves Bob dead.

Sensing Joyce’s fear that Hopper is going to die a similar fate as Bob, Hopper pulls her aside and reminds her that while he’s definitely going to die one day, it won’t be today. He then goes on to tell her that things will be different this time and thankfully he is right.

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