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Wordle 386: July 10, 2022 Hints & Answer

A new Wordle is ready for players to solve and it is certainly not an easy one. Here are the daily hints, and full answer, to the July 10th Wordle.

July 10th has a brand new Wordle word for players to solve and today’s answer could cause some trouble for players. Wordle is a simple word guessing game where players are tasked with guessing a single five-letter word within six guesses. Whenever a player guesses a word there are given hints in the form of colored boxes. If a letter is highlighted in green that means the letter is correct and in the correct spot. A yellow highlight means the letter is correct but in the wrong position. Finally, if a letter is highlighted in gray the letter is completely incorrect and doesn’t belong in the day’s answer. Players continue to guess until they solve the answer or run out of opportunities to guess and lose.



After any game of Wordle is played players will have the chance to share their score on social media. By clicking the share button that pops up once a game is won or lost, the computer will copy over the results, the post is played out in a series of small emoji boxes that show off the journey that the player had without spoiling the answer for anyone else. This simple sharing feature blasted Wordle into popularity with thousands of people sharing their daily results. The game became so popular it was eventually purchased by The New York Times and continues to be a part of many people’s daily routine.

Today’s Wordle Hints (July 10th #386)

Wordle 386 Jul 10th Hints

For those players who just need a little help, here are a few hints followed by the fully spoiled answer for today’s Wordle.

  • Hint 1: There are no repeated letters in today’s answer.
  • Hint 2: This Wordle word is used to describe a ship’s allotted space at a dock.
  • Hint 3: This word can also be used when telling someone to avoid or go around something or someone.

Today’s Wordle Answer (July 10th #386)

Wordle 386 Jul 10th Attempt

Today’s Wordle answer is BERTH.

The word BERTH has a few different meanings, the main one is a space that is allocated for a ship on a dock. Another definition is when someone should avoid something, like “Sarah is in a bad mood, you should give her a wide BERTH.” For our starting Wordle word, we used IRATE which provided a few helpful hints including ‘T’ in its correct position and an ‘R’ and ‘E’ in the wrong position. Our second guess was CERTS which placed the three previous letters in all the correct positions. Our third attempt was HERTZ, this added an improperly placed ‘H’ and led us quickly to the final answer and a Wordle win-in-four with BERTH.

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