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Why You Should Buy An Amazon Echo Show This Prime Day

Echo Show smart displays are great for making videos calls and controlling smart homes, and now their prices have dropped to as low as $35.

Amazon’s Echo Show devices have now gone on sale for Prime Day 2022. Although smart displays are still somewhat of a niche product category when compared to smartphones, tablets and PCs, their unique design and feature set often makes them better options for use at home. Amazon’s line of smart displays can specifically be a good addition to homes that are already actively using Amazon’s website and other services.

In 2022, the major smart display companies include Amazon, Google, Lenovo and Meta. Amazon has been making smart displays for a number of years now and this has resulted in multiple generations and sizes to choose from. No matter which one a consumer does ultimately end up buying from Amazon, they are going to end up with a familiar experience thanks to the underlying Fire OS operating system and the use of Alexa, Amazon’s popular virtual assistant.


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The obvious reason to pick up an Echo Show this Prime Day is the cost, as many of the models are now on sale and at much lower prices than usual. For example, the second-generation Echo Show 5 can be picked up for as low as $34.99 (down from $84.99), the first-generation Echo Show 8 is available to buy from $54.99 (down from $109.99), and the third-generation Echo Show 10 from $179.99 (down from $249.99). Amazon is also offering a variety of different bundle options that can result in an even lower price by purchasing multiple devices together, so it is worth checking out all of the Prime Day 2022 Echo Show deals on Amazon

Why An Echo Show Is Worth Buying In General

People video calling on an Echo Show

One of the big selling points with Amazon’s Echo Show lineup is the ability to easily and quickly take part in a video call with friends, family members, and even co-workers. All of the Echo Show devices come equipped with a front-facing camera and calls can be started as easily as asking Alexa. If opting for one of the larger Echo Show devices, like the Echo Show 8 or the Echo Show 10, the buyer not only gets a larger screen but also the ability to make video calls using Zoom.

Another clear benefit of an Echo Show is the ability to control a smart home. With so many smart devices now in the home, and controlling everything from thermostats to fridges, an Echo Show device can be used as a central smart home hub to control them all. There are some caveats here as those additional smart devices will need to be compatible with Alexa, but as long as that’s the case, an Echo Show smart display can help to bring all those devices together and controlled by Alexa voice commands.

Of course, these are also internet-connected devices with a screen, which makes them also useful for consuming media content. Whether positioned in the kitchen or the bedroom, they can act as an additional screen for streaming video or music. This is all in addition to setting and receiving alarms, reminders, news, weather updates and much more. With so many use cases available, and these smart displays at lower prices than usual right now, Prime Day 2022 is a great time to pick up one of Amazon’s Echo Show devices.

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