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BIP Fans Roast Demi Burnett For Her Absurd Personal Assistant Job Post

Fans are unhappy with Bachelor Nation’s Demi Burnett’s job posting for a personal assistant. Fans say the requirements are ridiculous and demanding.

The Bachelor star Demi Burnett is being criticized by fans for her outrageous job posting. Demi is known for her appearance on season 23 of The Bachelor where she was hoping to start a relationship with Colton Underwood. Unfortunately, he eliminated Demi after she revealed her feelings as he did not feel the same way. Since then, Demi has appeared on Bachelor In Paradise where she gained public attention and popularity. She came out as bisexual as her former partner, Kristian Haggerty, wanted to work on their relationship again during the show.

Currently, Demi has a podcast, DemiGoddess, where she shares her opinions and experiences with fans on various topics. Her focus seems to be on building her social media platforms in order to give others insight into her life. Recently, Demi shared a job posting for a personal assistant job on her social media. Fans were not happy with the posting as the job requirements were seen as ridiculous. Some of the job responsibilities include: providing 24/7 emotional support, completing household chores, and caring for pets. Some of the job requirements include: having a thick skin in order to deal with emotional outbursts and having a good sense of humor. 


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Fans were quick to comment about Demi’s poor job offering and argued that she needs to reflect on the role of a personal assistant. Some stated that the job seems to require too much for a part-time job. Others were curious about how much she was willing to pay for the amount of work she is asking to be completed. Many commented that they believe Demi wants a nanny to complete her daily tasks and routines. Fans were unhappy that Demi has the platform as she should not be able to offer a job in a seemingly poor working environment.

Demi Burnett Bachelor in Paradise

On the other hand, some stated that it appears that Demi should talk to her friends and family about needing more support as it is concerning how she is approaching her need for comfort. This is the most problematic aspect of the job posting according to fans. It is also concerning that Demi is expecting her assistants to deal with emotional outbursts. Many fans argued that dealing with emotional outbursts should be dealt with by a therapist as she needs to learn effective coping mechanisms. Some are concerned that this job can be emotionally abusive as it seems that Demi is not willing to consider others’ emotions.

Nonetheless, some individuals perceive this situation as a joke and hope that employees are being treated fairly. It is important that employees have access to a healthy and safe working environment in order to ensure their well-being. Demi may need to reconsider her requirements as fans don’t seem to be willing to fulfill the expectations for the former Bachelor star. 

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Sources: Demi Burnett/Twitter, @mlynne214/Reddit

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