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Stranger Things Shares Awesome Eddie Munson Fan Tribute In Video

Stranger Things takes to YouTube to share a video capturing one fan’s amazing tribute to Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) in the form of corn art.

Stranger Things took to YouTube to share a video of one fan’s incredible corn art tribute to Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn). Stranger Things season 4 premiered on May 27 after numerous delays resulted in nearly a 3-year gap between seasons. The long-awaited season was positively received by viewers, who quickly took to the show’s new cast members and the introduction of Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower) as the villain. Stranger Things season 4 sees Hawkins shaken by a series of tragic deaths. However, unable to understand the forces of the Upside Down, they set their sights on Munson, whom they blame for the murders.


Of all the new characters introduced in Stranger Things season 4, none captivated audiences more quickly and dramatically than Munson. Viewers instantly latched onto Eddie, sympathizing with the misfit who is accused of a murder he didn’t commit merely because the town of Hawkins, Indiana, doesn’t like and sees him as different. Additionally, underneath his eccentric style and affinity for heavy metal and Dungeons & Dragons, he boasts a truly lovable, charismatic personality. Many of his fans have found unique ways to honor him and show their love for his character, especially after his tragic death in the Stranger Things season 4 finale.

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Stranger Things‘ YouTube channel shared a video of one fan’s jaw-dropping tribute to Munson. The video shows an aerial view of a corn art rendition of Munson that spans 1 acre. The corn art was created by Stan Herd and it is located somewhere in Indiana. Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” made for a fitting backdrop to the stunning tribute. Check out the video below:

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The corn art of Munson is nothing short of astounding and is a very fitting tribute to the heroic and lovable character. Tributes and calls to bring back Munson have been quite frequent since the conclusion of Stranger Things season 4 on July 1. Sadly, Munson is one of three characters who die during the Stranger Things finale, though his death was the most devastating by far. Fortunately, the Duffer brothers gave him a hero’s ending, as he saves his friends while also performing the guitar rift of his life. Still, viewers’ feelings are bound to run strong as they consider the fact that the fan-favorite of the season was killed off before he could graduate or even clear his name in Hawkins, meaning he died with many still believing him to be a killer.

This latest corn art tribute to Munson is just further testament to the enormous fanbase that Munson has garnered, despite appearing in just one season of Stranger Things. Naturally, in addition to tributes, many calls for Munson’s returns have also surfaced. Viewers have been petitioning for his return and even calling his death unfair. Of course, this means many are already bringing up theories for how Munson could return in Stranger Things season 5, with some even suggesting he could return as a villain. While Munson may or may not get a return in Stranger Things, his fans are keeping his memory alive with their stunning tributes.

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