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Sony has launched a loyalty program for PlayStation players: Check details

Sony has announced a new loyalty program on its gaming platform that will give gamers access to rewards and loyalty points. The newly announced loyalty program dubbed as ‘PlayStation Stars’ will be available later this year and be free to join for all PlayStation players. Also Read – Sony reveals PlayStation Plus games for July 2022: Check list here

Sony said that once gamers become a member of this loyalty program, they will earn reward points by completing a variety of campaigns and activities. For instance, its ‘Monthly Check-In’ campaign will require gamers to play any game to receive a reward, while other campaigns will require gamers to win tournaments, earn specific trophies, or even be the first player to platinum a blockbuster title in their local time zone. Also Read – PlayStation 5 faceplates could launch soon in India

The company also said that all PlayStation Stars members will have opportunities to earn loyalty points. When available, gamers will be able to redeem these loyalty points in a catalog that may include PSN wallet funds and select PlayStation Store products. Additionally, PlayStation Plus members enrolled in the company’s PlayStation Stars loyalty program will automatically earn points for purchases on Sony’s PlayStation Store. Also Read – Best New Games on PlayStation Plus in July: From Man of Medan to Crash Bandicoot 4

In addition to announcing the loyalty program, Sony also announced ‘digital collectibles’ — that are not NFTs — for PlayStation Stars members. Members will be able to earn these new collectibles and ultra rare items by completing various campaigns and activities and earning reward points.

“Collectibles are as diverse as our portfolio of products and franchises. They are digital representations of things that PlayStation fans enjoy, including figurines of beloved and iconic characters from games and other forms of entertainment, as well as cherished devices that tap into Sony’s history of innovation,” Sony’s Vice President, Network Advertising, Loyalty and Licensed Merchandise, Grace Chen wrote in a blog post.

“There will always be a new collectible to earn, an ultra rare collectible to strive for, or something surprising to collect just for fun,” she added.

Sony said that at present, it is busy in performing some early tests on this loyalty program before it is made available later this year in phased regional rollouts. The company is expected to announce detailed availability closer to the rollout date.

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