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South Park The Streaming Wars Part 2 Ends The Tegridy Farms Plot Perfectly

South Park’s Tegridy Farms plot has lasted a long time, but The Streaming Wars Part 2 may have ended Randy/Karen Marsh’s absurd storyline.

While The Streaming Wars Part 2 did feature a few mentions of the Tegridy Farms story, the special also gave South Park a way to drop this Randy Marsh plot before season 26. South Park: The Streaming Wars Part 2’s ending wrapped up the story of ManBearPig, Pi Pi the water park owner, and the titular town’s drought crisis. However, The Streaming Wars Part 2 also saw South Park negotiate a potential end to one of the show’s longest-running and most divisive plot lines.

Since the beginning of South Park season 22, Randy Marsh’s cannabis business Tegridy Farms has been central to most of the show’s storylines. This marks a distinct change from earlier South Park seasons, where Randy was a fan-favorite supporting character, but his son Stan and Stan’s friends Kyle, Kenny, Cartman, and Butters were the show’s lead characters. However, South Park season 26 could return its focus to boys by dropping the Tegridy Farms plot after The Streaming Wars Part 2’s ending.


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The Streaming Wars Part 2 managed to fix South Park‘s Randy Marsh problem by underlining the division between his original, sensible self and his more outlandish later-season persona. Early scenes where Randy came home from the hospital after rampaging around the world as an out-of-control “Karen” saw the character introspect and realize that getting high had led him to lose his way and “ruin his character.” Here, The Streaming Wars Part 2’s Randy leaned on the fourth wall with his admissions that focusing on Tegridy Weed was getting him nowhere, giving voice to fan complaints that the plot has overstayed its welcome. While “Karen” briefly returned at the end of the special, there was no sign of Towelie, no reason to think that Randy would be back to running Tegridy Farms after successfully returning to work as a geologist, and no evidence that the plotline that derailed his character would make a comeback in the next special.

Why South Park’s Tegridy Farms Plot Needed To End

The reason the South Park‘s Tegridy Farms plot needed to end was that the storyline was detracting from South Park’s primary appeal. Since its inception, the conceit of South Park has been that the series is a cartoon about kids that is definitively not for kids. Thanks to this premise, South Park has been able to satirize the very adult world of society, culture, and politics through the eyes of children, highlighting how absurd things are by viewing them through the perspective of the show’s young antiheroes. Making Randy the de facto lead of South Park ruined this idea, as the character was just another sociopathic adult animated protagonist in a genre overflowing with similar characters.

While not every adult animated comedy is as obscene and boundary-pushing as South Park, many of the show’s imitators failed for precisely the same reason that the Tegridy Farms plot grew tiresome. Making Randy South Park’s main character took away what made South Park unique and made it another satirical cartoon about a morally questionable antihero getting into all manner of scrapes. Fortunately, South Park’s latest special The Streaming Wars Part 2 appears to recognize this issue and points toward the series returning to its original, successful formula in season 26.

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