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Will Ms Marvel Join The X-Men Or The Avengers?

What does Ms. Marvel episode 6’s ending mean for her future? Is she being set up as an MCU Avenger or as a member of the first X-Men team?

Warning: Spoilers for Ms. Marvel episode 6

Ms. Marvel’s ending makes being an Avenger or a member of the X-Men real possibilities for her MCU future. A shocking moment in the season finale of her Disney+ finale connected Iman Vellani’s character to the MCU’s interpretation of the X-Men. According to Bruno Carrelli, Kamala’s DNA possesses a genetic “mutation”.

Bruno’s choice of words in Ms. Marvel episode 6 ended speculation over the true origin of Kamala Khan’s powers. Since Marvel totally revamped Kamala’s Inhuman origin and abilities, it was unclear exactly how Marvel planned to explain her powers. At first, her link to the Djinn seemed to be what was behind it all, but apparently, the answer was a bit more complicated. It’s now understood that Kamala’s latent X-gene was activated by her bracelet. So thanks to Ms. Marvel’s big reveal, the mainstream MCU now has its very first mutant.


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Kamala Khan’s mutant status raises questions about what the studio plans to do with her after her team-up with Carol and Monica in The Marvels. Before the show, she was considered a top candidate for the MCU’s Young Avengers team, but now she’s emerged as a potential recruit for the MCU’s first X-Men lineup as well. After all, she does have the X-gene and is at an ideal age. The X-Men started out as a team comprised of students at Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, so Kamala could fit in well with that group. And while making her an X-Men would be a deviation from the comics, it would provide the roster with at least one pre-established MCU character. But while it’s important to note that Ms. Marvel puts an X-Men team invite on the table for Kamala, it doesn’t limit her options in any way. Her future is still wide open.

Why The MCU Chose Ms Marvel As The First Mutant

Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan smiling in Ms. Marvel

Since Ms. Marvel is an Inhuman in the comics, making Vellani’s character the MCU’s first mutant was an excellent way for Marvel to deliver a truly shocking revelation that sets up how the X-Men will work in the MCU. It was likely less about positioning Ms. Marvel for a spot on the X-Men roster and more about laying the groundwork for the MCU’s interpretation of this hugely important corner of the Marvel Universe. In addition to finding a tangle link to Marvel Comics lore that properly explains Kamala’s new powers, the big reveal makes sense of why the X-Men haven’t appeared yet. It would seem that instead of simply discovering their mutant powers while growing up, their abilities have to be unlocked by cosmic energy.

For now, at least, it’s obvious that Bruno’s “mutation” line has massive implications for the future of the X-Men, but it’s hard to say just how much it will matter in terms of what comes next for Kamala. After all, Marvel may have no intention of aligning her with the X-Men, especially since it has plenty of other well-known X-Men heroes it may want to fill up the team’s lineup with instead. It could be that Kamala will end up following in the footsteps of mutants like Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, who had stronger ties to the Avengers than they ever did with the X-Men.

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