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Neve Campbell Provides Contract Update After Recent Rumor

Scream franchise veteran Neve Campbell responds to a recent rumor claiming she secretly signed a contract to appear in the sequel Scream 6.

Neve Campbell provides an update on her Scream 6 contract after rumors saying she has signed on for the sequel. 2022’s Scream was able to successfully reboot the franchise by making fun of the current trend of rebooting and remaking classic horror movies. Reviews for the movie were mostly positive, despite it being the first Scream film Wes Craven wasn’t involved in. It also did quite well at the box office, earning $140 million worldwide, so naturally, Scream 6 was quickly confirmed by Paramount and Spyglass. 

With Scream acting as a sequel and a reboot, it introduced a new group of characters while also bringing back Neve Campbell (Sidney Prescott), Courteney Cox (Gale Weathers), and David Arquette (Dewey Riley). Cox and Campbell were both originally thought to be coming back, but last month Campbell revealed she would not be returning for Scream 6 due to a pay dispute. Recently a rumor was circulating the internet that Campbell had secretly signed a contract to appear in Scream 6 and 7 but that the studios were keeping it a secret so that her appearance could be a Spider-Man: No Way Home-type surprise for moviegoers. 


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While the rumor didn’t generate enough steam for Paramount to officially respond, Campbell has now put the rumor to rest. While attending a panel at Mad Monster Party Arizona, Campbell was asked if there was any truth behind the rumors about her signing a contract for Scream 6. Campbell apologetically responded, “There is not I’m afraid to say. I’m sorry. Sorry guys.”

Neve Campbell Sidney Prescott Scream 2022 call

There is always the possibility that Campbell is lying to keep her return a secret, but that seems incredibly unlikely in this instance. Campbell isn’t returning because she felt she wasn’t being adequately compensated for what she has brought to the Scream franchise. It also wouldn’t make sense for Paramount to try keeping Campbell’s return a secret like Marvel did with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. Campbell just appeared in Scream at the beginning of the year, and with her character surviving, fans were already expecting her to return in Scream 6. Paramount may get this sort of reaction by bringing back another legacy character like Stu (Matthew Lillard). However, the situation with Campbell seems like a more serious issue between her and the studio, meaning the news of her absence almost certainly isn’t just some big marketing ploy.

With Campbell appearing in every Scream movie to date, it’s disappointing that Paramount and Spyglass still haven’t come to an agreement with Campbell. Campbell has confirmed Scream 6‘s story did involve Sidney Prescott. But with filming on Scream 6 already halfway through, even if the studio decides to pay her more, Sidney likely won’t have as big of a role as was initially planned. The writers will now have to find a good way to write Sidney out of the sequel’s story, so it is a bit disappointing that Campbell has denied this latest rumor.

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Source: Mad Monster Party Arizona

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