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Kevin Smith Teases Brand New Mystery Movie With Script Page Image

Clerks 3 writer-director Kevin Smith teased a brand new movie with an image of the first page of the screenplay, revealing an 80s period setting.

Director Kevin Smith recently teased a mysterious brand new movie with an image of the first page of the screenplay. Smith broke into Hollywood with the small independent black and white film Clerks. Shot locally in New Jersey, Clerks cost very little to make but wound up being a critical and box office success, kick-starting his film-making career. However, the writer-director found the path was not as smooth as he hoped, as each film he made brought its own challenges.

Smith followed Clerks with Mallrats, a cult classic today but a box office failure in 1995. Luckily, his next film, Chasing Amy, resonated with audiences and critics and firmly cemented Smith as a Hollywood director. His subsequent work fluctuated between varying levels of success, but Smith had cultivated a legion of die-hard fans along the way. Although reception has been mixed with the director’s brief turn to the thriller genre with the film Red State and Smith flirting with the idea of retirement, his new movie tease has shown that he still has a few ideas left in him.


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Now, Smith has shared an image of his latest screenplay from a new, unannounced movie. The screenshot features the bottom portion of the title page, showing the first draft’s July 17, 2022 completion date. The image also includes the first half of the first page, which sets the location and partially introduces a character in the mysterious film. Check out what Smith shared below.

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Although Smith provided no additional details explaining what the story will be about, the first page offered clues to what the film may ultimately entail. Like most of Smith’s movies, the story is set in New Jersey, his home state. However, the most revealing information is that the first location in the script is a modest home at 21 Jackson Street in the seaside town of Highlands, New Jersey. This address is the very same as Smith’s childhood New Jersey home.

The reveal that the film begins with Smith’s old home in New Jersey, coupled with the first line of action description that sets the year of the movie to 1986, implies that the director’s new script could feature a personal story about himself. With Smith only 16 in 1986 and still living in Highlands, the film could be a biopic detailing a defining moment of his life. However, the script will probably not cover the production of his first film, Clerks, as the upcoming Clerks III is a meta retelling of his leap into film-making with Randal Graves (Jeff Anderson) taking the role of Clerks‘ originator. The new script could also be the film Moose Jaws, the final film of the True North horror-comedy trilogy (Tusk and Yoga Hosers). Barring any further information from Kevin Smith himself, audiences can only speculate on what his new story will be.

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