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Minecraft Player Recreates Star Wars Opening Crawl In Bedrock Edition

An industrious Minecraft fan has built an impressive reproduction of the opening scrawl from Star Wars in the Bedrock version of the game.

Minecraft player turned the texture of the clouds into the opening crawl seen in Star Wars. The famous scrolling text seen at the beginning of every Star Wars movie is so iconic that even those who aren’t fans of the franchise can recognize it. George Lucas was inspired by the similar opening crawls that would happen at the beginning of each episode of Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers.

Everything that the player sees in a finished video game is covered in textures. Textures are image files that make what is otherwise a bunch of shapes appears like they’re made of wood, cloth, stone, leather, skin, fur, or whatever else the designer wants. Without textures, Minecraft players would not be able to tell the blocks apart. Many players and designers create Minecraft texture packs, which are a collection of files to alter the appearance of all the blocks within the game. This could make the otherwise cute and colorful game look scary and gritty, cute and sparkly, or anything else the player wants. The possibilities are endless when it comes to Minecraft and modding.


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Reddit user number1nathan turned the clouds within the game into the opening of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in the Bedrock edition of Minecraft. It begins just as the real credits do, with “It is a period of civil war.” However, parts of the text are cut off from the clouds themselves, so only “period of civi-” is visible from the first sentence. Even with the missing text, number1nathan’s creation is immediately recognizable to Star Wars-inclined Minecraft fans, and the original Reddit post has gotten a 96% upvote rating. The words are readable by accessing creative mode and floating up high above the clouds, and the scrolling effect can be recreated at this point by simply flying backward while facing the text.

Changing the texture of the clouds to the Star Wars text is yet another inspired idea from Minecraft fans. Artists and creators within the Minecraft community have taken a game that already provides uncountable possibilities, and made that seemingly endless number even bigger through modding, texture packs, and experimenting with Minecraft‘s physics. Not to mention one new idea can lead to many others, so one can look forward to what fans will come up with after seeing these cloud textures.

Even with the text cutting out at the sides, all in all, this cloud texture is a delightful idea. Maybe with some refining, the texture can be perfected to fit all of the text onto the screen. In the meantime, any Star Wars and Minecraft fan can enjoy looking up or down at the sky with the familiar open crawl text in place.

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Source: number1nathan/Reddit

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