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Jordan Peele Comments On Possible Get Out 2

Nope director Jordan Peele comments on the sequel potential for his horror hit Get Out and whether or not there’s anything left for it.

Nope director Jordan Peele comments on whether or not a Get Out 2 could happen. Peele started out as one half of the comedic Key and Peele duo alongside Keegan-Michael Key, though over the years he has shifted towards directing gripping horror films. Starring Nope‘s Daniel Kaluuya, Catherine Keener, Bradley Whitford, and Allison Williams, Get Out was Peele’s directorial debut and was both a critical and financial success. Peele followed the film up with another horror entry, 2019’s Us with Lupita Nyong’o, Elizabeth Moss, and Winston Duke, which solidified the director as a craftsman within the genre.


Get Out follows a Black man (Kaluuya) who goes to meet his white girlfriend’s (Williams) parents (Keener and Whitford) at their remote home. Not long after he arrives, things slowly begin to unravel, and the man’s presence ends up having a far more sinister purpose than he could have imagined. The Blumhouse-produced Get Out was a massive hit, earning $255 million worldwide from a $4.5 million budget. It has since gone on to become a modern classic of the genre. Following its debut, the question of a sequel has been floated frequently, but Peele has thus far focused on new projects like Us and Nope, rather than sequels.

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In an interview with AP, Peele addresses the question of whether a Get Out 2 is possible. “I do get asked that a lot,” he admits before adding, “Never say never. There’s certainly a lot to talk about left. We’ll see.” Peele didn’t elaborate further on the idea, but his comments are in-line with the film’s ending, which leaves quite a few open threads to explore.

Peele has yet to announce his next project after Nope, but he will be re-teaming with his Key and Peele partner for Henry Selick’s stop-motion animation film, Wendell and Wild, which debuts later this year on Netflix. While this means he could arguably turn his attention to a potential Get Out sequel, it seems more likely that Peele will stick with exploring his original ideas for the time being. There are numerous avenues where Get Out 2 could go, but it sounds like Peele would need a very good reason to return to that universe, even if he will never reject the idea outright.

It’s always difficult to justify a sequel when a film is a big hit, as there’s always the fear that it will sully the first film in some way, as has frequently been the case in Hollywood. That’s not to say that sequels can’t be good, as they often can be. However, it’s always a risk, especially if done for the wrong reasons or as a foregone conclusion because the first one was successful. In the case of a Get Out 2, however, there was a lot of set-up in the original film that could continue to pay off if Peele wanted to continue to peel back the layers of the horrific concept he started. That could make for a strong follow-up if the idea was fleshed out enough, and as Peele himself said, it isn’t completely off the table. Only time will tell if there is more to this story.

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Source: AP

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