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Garena Free Fire Max July 20 Redeem Codes: Grab weapons, loot crates and more

Here are the Garena Free Fire Max redeem codes for July 20. It is important to remember that the daily Garena Free Fire Redeem Codes are active for 24 hours. Garena Free Fire Max is a well-liked multiplayer battle royale action-adventure game among fans of online gaming, The game’s excellent graphics, captivating action, ongoing upgrades, and redemption coupons all contribute to its great appeal among online players. Also Read – Garena Free Fire, AppLock still available on Samsung Galaxy Store even after being banned

With the Garena Free Fire Max, players can customize game elements like characters, pets, gloo barriers, and weaponry using diamonds and in-game events. Additionally, there are hundreds of skins for various game elements that players can choose from. Also Read – Best Free Fire alternatives in India in 2022: Free Fire Max, BGMI, PUBG New State, more

Players can utilize the game’s redemption coupons to unlock new characters, skins, weapons, and other in-game features on a regular basis. Free Fire redemption codes are unique to each server. Also Read – Garena Free Fire app banned in India: All questions answered

Here are the redemption code for July 20


How to redeem the Garena Free Fire Max codes

Step 1 – Go to .
Step 2 – Log in with your social network account like Facebook, Google Play, or any other which is required.
Step 3 – Copy and paste the redeem codes in the text field, and click Confirm.
Step 4 – A dialog box will appear, click OK to redeem the codes.
Step 5 – Then check the in-game mail section to claim the rewards.

Redeem Codes Validity

The 12-digit alphanumeric codes for Free Fire MAX can be used to unlock items such as outfits, grenade skins, skyboards, loot crates, emotes, diamonds, gloo walls, and more for today, July 20.
The rewards redemption page is where the codes can be used.
Only players utilising Indian servers can access these. Additionally, they are valid for 12 to 18 hours.

Garena Free Fire Max OB35 update

Just a few months down the line since the Free Fire Max OB34 update was released, and the OB35 update is currently scheduled to be live on July 20, i.e., today. A number of new gameplay features, UI improvements, character and weapon tweaks, map balance changes, and other improvements are all part of the next release. a new reward is also added named, Daily Chest. Additionally, skill adjustments are also done.

Following weapons are adjusted accordingly

Famas-III: Armor penetration +5%
M14-III: Rate of fire -6%
Scar: Damage +6%
G36: Assault Mode rate of fire +8%, Range Mode accuracy +12%
UMP: Armor penetration -10%
M24: Damage +8%
M1887: Rate of fire +5%, effective range +5%, damage -5%

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