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Stranger Things Already Proved Why Kali Can’t Help Eleven Defeat Vecna

It’s speculated that Kali will return in Stranger Things season 5 to help defeat Vecna, but season 2 revealed why this would be counterproductive.

WARNING! This article contains SPOILERS for Stranger Things season 4!

While Kali’s powers would seemingly be a major asset to Eleven’s fight against Vecna in Stranger Things season 5, the series already revealed why she can’t help defeat him. Kali, A.K.A. Eight, was the first of Eleven’s “siblings” from Hawkins Lab to be introduced in Stranger Things. The Stranger Things season 2 episode “The Lost Sister” saw Kali teach Eleven to channel her powers through associations with memories – a lesson that was also once taught to her by Henry Creel/One.

Considering she was the only other superpowered character revealed before Eleven’s Hawkins Lab flashbacks, it was widely speculated that Stranger Things season 4, volume 2 would bring back Kali to help defeat Number One. However, perhaps due to Kali’s Stranger Things season 2 episode being regarded as the weakest installment in the series, the character wasn’t even featured in Eleven’s flashbacks to Hawkins Lab in 1979. Despite Kali’s physical presence being removed from Stranger Things season 4’s story, the series’ Easter eggs and references to the character suggest a triumphant season 5 return could still be in store.


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Yet although Kali also exhibits Vecna’s special power of illusions, her added abilities aren’t necessarily enough to help defeat the Stranger Things villain. Stranger Things season 4 saw Eleven go through a new test in how she approached channeling her powers, with the lessons teaching her that her greatest strength is Vecna’s greatest weakness. Similar to how Harry Potter’s biggest strength against Voldemort was his happy memories and the fact that he was loved, Eleven’s ability to overpower Vecna is based on the love of her friends and family as well as her happiest memories. As such, Eleven defeating Vecna in Stranger Things season 5 will be accomplished through the love, camaraderie, and hope of herself and her allies – which stand in direct contrast to Vecna’s quest being fueled by revenge and hatred. Of course, this is exactly why Kali can’t help Eleven kill Vecna in Stranger Things; the strength of Eight’s powers and her motivations now stem from her angriest memories and desire for vengeance.

Why Kali Could Actually Hurt Eleven’s Fight Against Vecna

Kali and Eleven in Stranger Things

Stranger Things season 2 revealed that after escaping Hawkins Lab as a child, Kali set herself on a path for revenge in which she murdered those who either aided or were complicit in the imprisonment of the superpowered children. When encouraging Eleven to test the full strength of her powers, Kali told her to think of a powerful memory that angered her, which was the exact same lesson Henry Creel had taught her back in 1979. If Kali were to return in Stranger Things season 5 to help defeat Vecna, she could unintentionally sabotage the Hawkins crew’s plans by fighting the villain from a place of anger, not the desire to help the greater good.

Since Kali had already escaped Hawkins Lab before Henry Creel’s 1979 massacre, she was unaware of the truth behind the friendly orderly’s backstory when meeting Eleven in Stranger Things season 2. This could also motivate Kali to fight Vecna through a need for vengeance, as she still would have considered him an aide in Dr. Brenner’s psychological manipulation and captivity of the children. Additionally, upon discovering that Vecna was, in fact, the one who murdered their 15 other siblings at Hawkins Lab, the rage behind Kali’s fight is apt to grow even stronger. Unless Eleven can teach Kali to channel her powers through happy memories and love from those around her, her powers won’t be enough to help defeat Vecna in Stranger Things season 5.

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