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How to Get the Worker Hat & Jacket in Stray

To complete Clementine’s quest in Midtown in Stray, players must steal a Worker Hat and Worker Jacket to disguise Blazer as a Neo Corp employee.

During Clementine’s quest in Midtown, the feline protagonist of Stray is tasked with finding and collecting a Worker Hat and Worker Jacket. These two articles of clothing must be delivered to an NPC named Blazer, a contact willing to help the Cat retrieve the Atomic Battery from the Neo Corp factory. To get started on this quest, players can head over to the factory entrance after speaking with Clementine in Stray‘s story.

Blazer can be found standing in the bluish archway leading to the entry point. At first, he will dismiss the Cat, stating that he’s busy. However, after showing him the Contact Message, he will agree to help the protagonist get into the Neo Corp factory if they find him a disguise. The factory personnel does not allow anyone except their workers to enter the premises. Therefore, Blazer will need to don a Worker Hat and Worker Jacket to trick the security and assist the feline protagonist in infiltrating the plant.


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The Worker Hat and Worker Jacket in Stray can be found in Midtown, specifically within the hat and clothing stores by the square. However, the shopowners are not too keen on letting the Cat nonchalantly strut into their establishments and steal their merchandise. Accordingly, the feline protagonist in Stray must use their clever “tom-foolery” to retrieve these two items and deliver them to Blazer in the alleyway.

Unlocking The Worker Hat And Jacket In Stray

Unlocking The Worker Hat And Jacket In Stray

First, here are the steps for unlocking the Worker Jacket in Stray:

  • Step 1: Near the area where the Cat met with Clementine, players will encounter an NPC named Simon.
  • Step 2: Simon will offer one of his music cassettes to the Cat if the protagonist destroys the three security cameras surveilling the area.
  • Step 3: This feat can be done by going up the nearby stairwell to the upper balcony and using the objects to jump onto the cameras.
  • Step 4: After jumping on a camera, it will fall and break automatically. Repeat this process for every camera.
  • Step 5: Return to Simon to receive the cassette.
  • Step 6: Head to the Midtown clothing store location in Stray and place the cassette into the boombox in the back room.
  • Step 7: Once the owner leaves, steal the Worker Jacket.

Next, follow the directions below to acquire the Worker Hat in Stray:

  • Step 1: Head to the Midtown bar and awaken the worker in the back room by knocking over a case of bottles on their head.
  • Step 2: After the worker heads back to their post, jump into the empty box on the ground to be taken into the hat store.
  • Step 3: Exit the box, steal the Worker Hat, and leave the shop via the floor air vent.
  • Step 4: Return to Blazer to complete the quest in Stray.

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Stray is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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